Initial Commit

Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 21:24 UTC

It wasn't long ago when I discovered what webrings are (for sure late to that party :D). I started going deep in the rabbit hole of interlinked websites and found myself completely fascinated, it was like opening a time capsule. That really made me understand what old internet was like and made me feel that fake sense of nostalgia you get from listening to vaporwave. Considering also, I was and am already a massive self-hosting nerd, that got me incredibly excited and inspired to make my own site, to then join webrings and immerge myself in this amazing and almost forgotten sub-culture.

So now, after a week or so of the site being live I can say it's more or less finished. There are still a couple of minor things left to do, but I'm really happy with the current state of it. I've already joined some webrings and met a few cool people from them. So for now I'm really happy with how things are going, I'm really looking forward to adding more and more of me into this place.

A couple of shout-outs, Strings From the Network, found it on Lainchan's webring and that's where I took most of the inspiration from, for this site, also stole quite a bit of html and css :p. CozyBroz from CozyNet helped me out to make a really nice favicon and had a really nice time talking to them in IRC. And last but not least, urof from yoinked lainchan's webring from his site and he gave me some useful feedback.

So yeah, that's it for now, until next time .

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