Friday, May 12 2023, 22:17 UTC

Hey guys, it's been more than a month now. My bad honestly, I haven't been feeling the best and still aren't. I've been struggling to find motivation to do anything really. Anyways I won't bore you with that emotional baggage bullshit, what I wanted to say is: I'm still out here and hopefully soon enough I'll come back to take good care of this place, like it deserves. So hopefully, see you soon :^)

Edit: Thanks for the kind words and the advice everyone, finally got out of the block enough to write a new blog post!

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bleepbloop: Hey mate, I get how you feel. Really struggling to get motivated to do anything right now as well. I find that forcing yourself to try new things can really help. Been watching new shows and trying to get into DnD, new experiences help me gain passion to do new things. It's hard but worth it imo. Sick pixel art on the site btw, way better than what I can do.

artic: <3

zinricky: I hope you’re doing well <3

artic: <3

alis: hey artic, take it easy on yourself. i know a similar feeling all too well. take it one day at a time. see you soon!

artic: <3

VILECARRION: Hang in there buddy. I checked out the internet radio thing through your website. Chill tunes! Thanks for that. Hopefully the spark comes and your back in gear. It comes and goes, but atleast know you're appreciated. Cheers

artic: <3

forever: Wishing you nothing but the best, homie. Don't hesitate to reach out, yo.

artic: <3

Anon: Hope your doing well. Keep it up! :)

artic: <3