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KitchenSink: Love the theme, looks very cool.

artic: thanks <3

triPython: Discovered this page on AHMIA. I love the style of your site! Greetings from America!

artic: interesting. I just checked, had no idea that my site was indexed that high on there. Glad you enjoy this place :^)

anon: hi. i like the website. just wanted to let you know that the rss feed for the blog doesn't work.

artic: hey there, glad you like the site, I tried with fluent reader and it seems to be working fine

anon: cool website! love it, bookmarked to keep up with changes. keep doing what you're doing : D

artic: thanks, I won't lie, I've been neglecting it a bit. I'm thinking about writing movie reviews tho.. we'll see

FatboyG: Ayo, found this on accident, it's a cool website tho. Wish you a lovely day!

artic: thanks! have a lovely day too :^)

anon: Why are u so gae? but also have a nice site but also be gae?

artic: idk, that's just how it is :^)

Em: I have no idea how I got here and not a clue what most of this stuff means but it looks really cool :D

artic: Thanks for passing by, glad you enjoy :^)

anon: Have you ever tried nattokinase?

artic: nope and from what I gather online it looks like some pseudo-scientific 'super food'

anon: sorgens 666

anon: How do I respectfully ask a women i see if shes single?

artic: uhm uhhhh not sure

CPt ColdMcFrosty : If your reading this then you are really silly

artic: :3

4inchesHard: Is a 4 inch DB-15 Joystick Adapter enough to get love from a women?

artic: uuhhhhhhhhhh

tartauxpommes: nice site but tldr

artic: that's fair enough :^)

anon: imagine adding captchas... my bots...

artic: oh sorry <3

nic: despite being italian, this guys very cool :3

artic: I smell an Australian here.. pretty cool too I guess

NotGayKid: Ur Mom

artic: D: is a very nice lady I assure you

axolotl: Cool site! What's the coolest city in Croatia? Asking for an American :)

artic: Thanks! hm not really sure, I just briefly travelled through it so I don't really know much about it. What I do know tho is that the croatian coast is a pretty popular holiday destination, so maybe a costal town?

anon: Really digging your site! Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead! @dtstech

artic: Hey thanks! you too!

Awtic: :3333 *mrowr~* :3

artic: this is slander...

anon: :333

artic: :3

Momo: I loved looking around! Both your site and you are very cool and I hope you're having a wonderful day (or as wonderful a day as you can)

artic: aw thanks :D

anon: thanks for making a wholesome corner of the deep net <3

artic: glad you enjoy it! <3

Ross_R: Oh, hey. I frankly didn't expect the site is still actively monitored.

artic: I'm a bit lazy when it comes to blog posts, but yeah I love this place. No way I'd abandon it!

Asmodeus: was here ;)

artic: cool site! 🧙✨

Ross_R: I was here - 18.10.23

anon: hot af site

artic: thanks! :D

bloodmage: wizard be with thy

artic: 🧙✨

Orin ~ 22yk01: Mega cozy il tuo sito, adoro le foto di Plitvice (o゚v゚)ノ

artic: Hey grazie! entro il prossimo mese altro viaggio e altre foto! amazing style! love the vibe here.

artic: hey thanks, checked out your site too, I like your very clean style! Also read your post about webrings, check out the lainring, it's on my dedicated page and perhaps consider joining it!

zekyahweh: found this with a friend and loved the aesthetic! keep it up :)

artic: glad you guys like it <3

anon: how do i become as cool as you

artic: idk just be a bum on the internet I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anon: PAAAAAAAAG site :^)

artic: ayy thanks :^)

herdier: super cool site!! always nice to see more self-hosted stuff :3

artic: damn right, gotta have control of your data!

anon: Guest Page Supporter :) keep on doing you.

artic: will do :^)

[email protected]: Greetings! Those are some great pics from your Croatia Trip. Cheers

artic: ayy thanks :^)

Wenco: Love the site. I haven't got a clue how to make some sort of guest book like this, hell I'm not great with CSS either hahaha.

artic: Hey, thanks! I'm not great at CSS, HTML and/or PHP. This is my first time making a website ever! In the "Source & Demo" section you can also get the source for this guestbook and adapt it to your site if you want, although it's pretty basic and not really ideal.

<p style="color: red;">Anon</b>: Mice website, I like how it's designed. From lurker on lainchan

artic: Thanks, although I have to say I took big inspiration from

mrpibb: cool site :)

artic: :D

ragge: Ended up here from the cuddler webring. Something about your website just made me tear up a little. You can really feel the geeky aura emanate off it, and I love that!

artic: Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it :^)

anon: peak -comfy- here

artic: <3

anon: nice page :)

artic: thanks :)

anononon: very cozy page! reminds me of good old times when i skipped lessons in our local gamezone :3

artic: good times~

anon: cool page bro

artic: ty :)

interloper: Awesome site! Thanks for keeping the webring updated.

artic: thx, it's nice to get some recognition for lainchan's webring :^), just wish more new members actually implemented it on their sites. beautiful page.

artic: ty <3

ALIS: whoa you wrote your own guestbook?? that's so cool!! i skimmed over it for now but when i have more time to read it thoroughly i might use it if you don't mind >u< anyway what i meant to say is, hi artic, fellow cuddler! super awesome site and i had a great time reading through it! seeya around!

artic: the guestbook is a bit scuffed as I'm kinda new to coding, but yeah you can use it if you wanna, it's open-source after all!

anon: <3

artic: <3

anon: I miss arcades. I like this place.

artic: same bro.. same.

Pepyo: Found you through the retronaut webring. Very strong site aesthetic! It reminds me a lot of a Firefox theme I had -- super cozy, in some way.

artic: nice, cozy is what I'm going for!

meow meow: meow meow

artic: meow meow

feelux: Uuuhhhh bojoinggg meow :333 sex sex i love sex

artic: uuuh yeah

kebborino: bow chika wow wow

Castor: just found this site from It's a cool shit. Here's mine:

artic: heyy thanks, I checked out your site and it's really cool too, also added you on my webring/buttons. Seems like we have a lot in common :^)

succ_: hello setsugen no ao I hope this is not your alt

artic: no, I'm artic.

fleaux: :)

artic: :)

sealwalrus: genuinely one of the nicest sites I have visited in a while, fantastic job :D

artic: glad you like it <3

NotNapoleon: very pretty site :>

artic: ty :D

bopo: Nice blog!

artic: ayy thanks man, appreciate that! More posts to come soon enough :D

another anon: Cool website

Travel: <3

anon: this shit is peng

anon: You did a great job

Psy'd Bernz: off to a great start, my dude!

artic: thanks! had a nice time talking to you last time.

DusteD: Welcome to geekring! I love the font!

artic: Thanks!

scoobert doobert: happy valentine's day you wild melon

artic: oh, thank you <3

DOOM: DOOM was here

anon: Cool stuff bro

lainon: Looks great. Good luck!

lainon: Cool site! Love the design of it

anon: Heya, I finally did come to visit hehe :)

amoc: Loving this man /hypers

anon: Your guestbook is cool.

anon: I'm jealous that you don't have to rely on a third-party host for your comments! Awesome job setting that up!

anon: Pooooooot

artic: I know who you are, jackass :P

TheL3tterM: Hey, I'm your neighbor 2 sites up on hotline webring. Just wanted to pop by and say hello! (Your site is really cool.) Hope you have a good day!

xargs: pagman my dude. loving the retro vibezzzzz.

Nathan: zeroL

anon: Seen your site appear on LainChan. Great start man! Keep going and don't worry about port numbers.;) - S

anon: Hey hey heyy! It's yo boy, Cozybroz!