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File: 1628435081550-0.gif (10.96 KB, 512x512, 1:1, webring-6.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.49373[Last 50 Posts][Watch Thread]

This is part 6 of the webring thread, surprisingly ongoing.

Last thread: >>46277

How do I join?

* a link to your website
* a 240x60 banner of your website

Added you, I assume you're okay with the banner that immediately followed your post. If not, I can change it later.
Added you, I appreciate that the forum allows Tor, I've replied.



>Added you, I appreciate that the forum allows Tor, I've replied.
Thanks, saw that you left a reply. I'll try to update the name thing in the next update to the site.

Also, it's weird how surprisingly human browsing the webring feels compared to the regular net. I felt lots of joy reading various thoughts, blogs and art that was put in these sites. Really cozy.



Yeah it's really a nice feeling.

And this new thread reminds me that I've left the webring in my site a bit behind, so I have some catching up to do.



Added you, welcome



Hi, I was wondering if you have had the chance to test the ring script and if you had any thoughts or changes you wanted to make?





File: 1628923056891-0.gif (34.04 KB, 240x60, 4:1, mm4rk3t.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Here's the link to my site:
Perhaps it is "boring" i.e. generic, I'll try to think of something to make it more unique, but for the time being, this is fine, I kinda like it as it is.

Also, props to you OP, this is awesome, it made me feel interested about the internet again.



love the design



Thank you :D! I got inspiration from some of the webring sites whose style impressed me, and I've been working on it since. Glad you like it.



>You got the basics down but I would add at least a little bit of varying color there.
Two months later and using some blur & stroke, I've managed to get something readable. Still WIP, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.



I haven't seen the previous iteration but it looks fine now. It shows off your personality and I dig the fancy letters. And I know it's not supposed to be NSFW but "This website is intended to become a comprehensive resource for all things size difference" made me chuckle.

Also added you to my ring if you find it alright?



>it looks fine now. It shows off your personality and I dig the fancy letters.
Awesome! Glad to hear! These sorts of artistic pursuits are very intimidating when the bar has been raised so high.
>I haven't seen the previous iteration
It looked the same as the template ( I linked to in the about section - slightly touched up HTML defaults. I justified it as being wikipedia-esq, but that didn't change the face it only exacerbated the dryness.
>And I know it's not supposed to be NSFW but "This website is intended to become a comprehensive resource for all things size difference" made me chuckle.
Yeah, an unwritten reason for the website was to collate my notes on making SFW/wide-appeal works. Partly because I'm tired of everything being porn or children's lit, and partly because popularizing the topic will invite more creative works from non-fetish artists. Aside from the topic in general, it also pushes against the tiring staleness in fantasy where every race is roughly human-sized and fairies or other mythical creatures are relegated to being walking stereotypes based on tired myths.
>Also added you to my ring if you find it alright?
Completely! As I said in the last thread, I haven't posted the banner yet since I don't feel it's worthy of being so rudely advertised in its current form. Once I get around to writing up some of the more technical articles appropriate for lain, I'll ask for inclusion proper.



>It looked the same as the template (
Great job! Yeah that one is very dry and empty, but you've made good use of it. Now it looks like medieval text turned digital so it's good.
>it also pushes against the tiring staleness in fantasy where every race is roughly human-sized and fairies or other mythical creatures are relegated to being walking stereotypes based on tired myths.
Good luck with that. I have a distaste to everything being "human, but with longer ears or green skin color" too. So I hope you'll manage to think of something fun there.
>Completely! As I said in the last thread, I haven't posted the banner yet since I don't feel it's worthy of being so rudely advertised in its current form.
You can just post it. The thing about websites is that they essentially never are truly finished so you can just dump it here, the moment where it will be perfect will never come. Even right now lot of sites in the ring have broken links, and my has a whole section that works once in a blue moon. Your website shows off your personality and it has it's own distinct character. You can post it without a shame. But that's in the end up to you to decide.



File: 1629576038920-0.jpg (7.77 KB, 240x60, 4:1, kassy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

So here's my website:
Banner is picrelated. I think I've added everyone (except dead sites) here , so please add me.



I've been on neocities for a while now but I was reluctant in joining this webring becasue I'm definitely not into tech as most lainons are. My site is a diary thing.
I'll be adding everyone within an hour or so!



Huh, I actually visited your site before. I really like how you made the index. Peak aesthetic



Thanks! I'm actually surprised that a ton of people I already followed on neocities were a part of the webring.



lol your site reminds me of cirrus. Don't worry about it if you don't know who I am talking about.



Are you finnish? Idk why but your site's got strong finn vibes



I love the misc.html. It looks how my brain feels. A creative way of dumping various info



I hope whatever it is, it's not a bad thing.
I'm from the balkans actually



Hi, I reworked my website to be build again from zero, throw away lots trash and added bunch of stuff. Any ideas for improvement?



Sorry it took a while, real life was being rather torturous, but it's over now and I'm relatively free again. I hope I wasn't being presumptuous by going ahead and pushing everything - I have added functionality for choosing between 'clearnet' and 'onion'. Everything else is largely unchanged.

The script is still at:

>Also, props to you OP, this is awesome, it made me feel interested about the internet again.
I hope I don't get too much credit, it was started by (site currently down), I've just been managing the threads for a while.

>I think I've added everyone (except dead sites) here
You missed me, I'm guessing because you copied it from my site, kek.


I don't have much to suggest, just wanted to say I like the new redesign.



>You missed me, I'm guessing because you copied it from my site, kek.
Shit, sorry lol. Added.

>I love the misc.html. It looks how my brain feels. A creative way of dumping various info
Thanks. Funnily enough, actually thought of sorting it into several separate pages, but then the RSS feed would be harder to maintain so I bailed on the idea.



Sorry to hear that lain, hope things are going OK.
Looking good to me! The only thing I noticed was that you removed the check for random + banner which was there because loading the banner and redirecting are separate requests, so you'd end up going somewhere different than implied by the banner. There was a random banner image posted in the last thread which could be used for this purpose.

For ring members:
You should check out & if you want to add the ring functionality to your site. Great to see new members joining the ring!



what is that for a git webui? looks awesome



I must have mistakenly removed it early on while reading over the script. Added back in now. Though it may not matter much anyway, since someone using the script should know that wouldn't make sense.

Not suitable for big projects, but far more than sufficient for anything anyone here would be working on.



incredible. thank you for sharing. iv'e been looking for something simple like this.



I've seen some sites with a guestbook, what do you guys use?



I am simply storing the text on a database on my server. I think neocities has some guestbook build in, but 9 out of 10 times when I enter guestbooks on neocities I get hit with an error for some reason. Maybe it's just my browser blocker though.



wrote my own in django. is a simple "GuestbookSignature" model and is handled by a FormMixin extending view. most of the popular guestbooks i see require javascript and don't work unless i manually enable scripts.



Maybe that is worth a blogpost on how to achive this



What tech are you using for your website? If it's PHP or python with Django i can help with that. Otherwise I don't know what to say besides make a html form that saves it's info in a database. Lot of services that host PHP site allow you to enter PHPmyadmin which will show you the info needed to connect to the database.

This is a good guide on making a PHP registration. While not a questbook, the principle is the same. You save two textfields that the user has put in and you store them. If you want an exact blogpost on what to do, I'll write it when I'll wake up.



>What tech are you using for your website
Well, it's near all hardcoded, besides the bashblog ( and iframed gitweb
Is understandable and well written even tough MySQL was the course I hated the most (cs study)
I'll have a try, maybe the penny drops this time

I'll definetly have a look, tank you



Don't know if you figured it out, but so far the code is considered I've made two PHP pages for a basic guestbook and tested them out. It should work with minor adjustments on your part, or simply to look how things should be done. If something is unclear feel free to say it.



Thanks mate!!! All I was looking for



File: 1629900497243-0.png (840.73 KB, 944x1414, 472:707, webring.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally updated the copy of the webring on my site after a while, hope I didn't left anyone behind (if so, let me know)



Webanons, what is the best GPL web server software?



what happened to chubacabra radio
why you do
why you no



Hey webring anons, how do you all create your websites? I've been using roman zolotarev's ssg for as long as I've had my website running, and it's been really helpful. The only problem I have with it is that it's sort of inflexible since it's pretty much just a straight markdown to html conversion, with some header files. I've made sites in plain html before, but it's such a soykafty language that the plainness of my site is worth it.
What does your workflow look like?



I don't think that there are really any good web servers released under the GPL.
If you're not too married to the GPL, however, OpenBSD's httpd is released under an ISC-style license, and it's one of the best web server softwares out there. I've also heard good things about nginx, which is under the BSD license.



File: 1630058644695-0.png (163.97 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, aabbcc.png) ImgOps iqdb

cool site i like the design
only thing i kinda dislike is your navbar since it doesn't highlight the current page you are on and it also overflows on fullscreen, at least on my screen



>cool site i like the design
Thank you :D
>it doesn't highlight the current page you are
I forgot about that, will add
>it also overflows on fullscreen, at least on my screen
Yeah, it works fine on 1080p, I haven't really "tested" it on lower resolutions yet. I will do something about it, thank you for letting me know



Just in case anyone cares, I figured out how to manage multiple sites with neocities' cli tool. You set up one account and rename the config file ~/.config/neocities/config to, say, config-website1. Then set up the other account and mv ~/.config/neocities/config ~/.config/neocities/config-website2.
Then if you want to update website1, rename config-website1 to config, do your thing and rename it back to config-website1. Same thing for website2. It's a quick and dirty method that isn't really that quick. It's just dirty.

I use markdown too, but I use pandoc to convert it to html, adding a css stylesheet with pandoc's -c option. That's it for me, but my site is very simple, it's just one page,

I have a script that does that, and another script that uploads the stuff using neocities' cli tool. That's my personal workflow for now.

That said, I'm probably gonna switch to hugo (a ssg) because I want to be able to update the website from a smartphone and I can't get pandoc to work there, but hugo is available in termux's repos. Plus hugo is faster and has tags, categories and all that fancy stuff that may or may not be useful for me (or you) at all. So I'm probably a normal person weido here for using hugo, most sites in the webring look hand-made.

I also update the rss xml file manually like a caveman. And make it double because I have a Spanish version of the website. Yeah, I need to step up my workflow.

>son of a soykaf why does this post look automated to you, fuarrrking machine



File: 1630114409429-0.png (194.4 KB, 500x362, 250:181, image.png) ImgOps iqdb

So, do you have any plans to... join the webring? by adding the other site banners to your own site?
by hand, in a text editor :)



Ah fuarrrk I have more to add to the webring now lawl.
Any update on the custom community developed webring software?



there should be a git repo so it's all synchronized not on poohub
also this is by far best modern webring. recommending lainchan version. maybe tachibana lab logo instead



i fail to see why this is different from ours other than having more people and no banners



Sorry if I am being presumptuous, since I'm not even a member of the webring yet. (I am making some changes before posting my site.)
I feel like the easiest way to implement proper webring functionality, like prev and next buttons, would be to maintain a canonical site order. Most likely in a git repo. Everyone could hardcode a link to the next site in the list and keep themselves updated with an rss feed or similar. No scripting needed.
My first idea was to sort the list alphabetically by convention to eliminate the need for a centralized list, but then everyone would need to monitor these threads regularly in case they need to update their link. It could work if everyone provided some form of contact info on their page, but I would be hesitant to require that.



>>49841 >>49856
See >>49725 for instructions.



whoever runs i really like your git web frontend, did you make it yourself? is it available for others to use?



See: >>49729

It is a great front-end, beyond my ability to create without a lot of prior research. I've changed nothing, aside from writing a post-receive script to do various things such as automatically updating the front-end, link CSS, etc.



>>49373 (OP)
What hosting providers/domain registrars does lain like?
Interested in anonymous/crypto-accepting solutions.





>So, do you have any plans to... join the webring? by adding the other site banners to your own site?
I've been procrastinating on it but I did it now.

Is anyone keeping a cloneable git of all the banners and the webring's html, or a zip file o something? Or should I copy-paste the code from somebody's webring page and download all the banners with wget and repeat every time I want to update it with new websites?

Here's my idea: a git repo that you can clone into a folder called lainchan-webring, that includes an html file with boilerplate text that explains what a webring is and whatever, and a folder called banners with all the gifs and images. So we can git clone that into our website's homedir and link to it from the homepage, and then git clone that repo again to update it each time.

I won't do it myself anytime soon but if anyone already has a git repo to donate to the cause you can run with this idea or a variant of it, to make it easier for ourselves to join and update the webring. Or maybe I'm missing something?



Is probably the closest to what you want. A git repo would be a good idea though.



i use as a domain registrar because they take crypto
i'm not sure about hosting providers since i currently just use neocities

i know seedbox services usually take crypto so you can just buy those if you want and use it as a webserver instead of a seedbox, i dont think the provider cares.



I use Vultr. They allow custom ISO uploads, and accept crypto (not xmr though, which was sort of disappointing). Cheap as hell too.
If you're interested, you can sign up with this link ( ). You'll get 100$ in free credit for your first month (which is way more than enough to cover it), and I get some credit if you stay on.



epik for domain for hosting.



>Git repo
>Centralized (rather cringe but easy fix)
>Unified design
>Can contriboot without banner
>Logo recognizing webring affiliation
>Direct service links (twtxt and rss) can be improved with things like fedi, git, etc.

In other words it is sophisticated and well organized.



>Wants it to be distributed
>Also wants a unified design
Pick one.
Agree with the git repo thing though, that would be cool. We should also totally have a button for the webring.



File: 1630301304884-1.gif (85.3 KB, 217x135, 217:135, maro_relax.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ok, finally done.

My god that was a lot to catch up on. It was fun, but at the same time, that git repo idea is sounding really nice after cataloging 70+ sites.
Or maybe that php script lol
Shoutouts to >>49917 for having all those banners and the site list; I owe ya one



Not sure if I can run this on Neocities but I'll give it a shot.



Alright Lain, what am I missing from my site? These are all the webring banners I added last time.

If you don't see your website banner in there, let me know. I'll add it over the next few days.



I wouldn't want to maintain an HTML file, since I already have my own way of managing things. Maybe someone else can offer their Git to host a regularly-updated copy. It did however occur to me that 'webring.csv' would be very easy to generate the necessary HTML from with a very simple script. I did this just an example of what someone may do, use and adapt it however you want:


usage () {
echo "Usage: ./script webring.csv"

[ $# -ne 1 ] && usage && exit 1

length=$(wc -l "${file}" | cut -d \ -f 1)

rm "${output}"
while [ $count -le $length ]; do
line=$(head -n $count "${file}" | tail -n 1)
id=$(cut -d , -f 2 <<< "${line}")
url=$(cut -d , -f 3 <<< "${line}")
ext=$(cut -d , -f 4 <<< "${line}")

echo "<a href='${url}' target='_blank'><img src='/images/banners/${id}.${ext}' /></a>" >> "${output}"


If I recall Neocities doesn't allow for server side scripting, so you wouldn't be able to host your own copy of the code. You can still link to someone else's though, such as my own, and it'll work the same.



Hi, I'm >>49704 and don't see my banner. pls add



I've come back from the dead my website was broken and I was away for some time so I could't fix it but now it's back up so if anyone wants to add me banner is on the webring page. Also some awesome new website popped up I love this place.



File: 1630585166564-0.gif (101.6 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner-new-opto.gif) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1630658923843-0.gif (109.38 KB, 240x60, 4:1, oedo808_webring.gif) ImgOps iqdb

here is mine:

still early work in progress, but it will expand, I hope you enjoy


Added you back again
I've seen your site before and I love it. Added you.
Added, look forward to seeing more



Here's my version of the webring:
I usually lurk on this thread to keep it updated often. Tell me if I forgot to add someone.
By the way, I suggest linking instead of the neocities page if you can (I still update the neocities page though).



Hey Lains, I don't have a site, but I'd like to say it's been a cozy experience just by visiting yours.



File: 1630761451258-0.gif (1.87 MB, 648x477, 72:53, oedo02.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I started adding some anime recommendations, but still have plenty more to add. I also included the webring

I recommend if you want to add my banner, use a direct link to it from my website, as I might update it in the future (html code for it is in the webring)



so let me get this straight its a 'webring' but theres no easy way to add it to sites? like a centralized link or list of the ones in the ring?
what would I add at this point to join the webring



I mean, we can make some page on neocities where every site is linked, but simply adding an image within <a> tags isn't really that hard. And honestly, it looks really cool to have these pages full of banners and it's much more fun to browse then simply seeing a dictionary of link. You could I guess make a random button that redirects to a central site which contains every link, which in turn randomly picks an other site and redirects to that. But really, is there a good reason to do that?



>But really, is there a good reason to do that?
keep it synced, keep dead or slow updated sites in the loop. the original webrings where its just add a link to a site before you and after you was an always working solution

that aside though does seem fun to throw on, and I need more 'links' to throw on anyway. whats the most up to date list of all the banners atm? just one from anyone elses site?



File: 1630795671501-0.gif (15.65 KB, 240x60, 4:1, sitebanner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

slight update on this, threw together a quick parser for the links in >>49917 https://猫.移动/webring/
also linkable as https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g
possible aliases for easy adition: neko or xn-neko, figure something out





neat, will throw the controls on when things are all updated.
I like how this could work with slightly differing local webring.csvs as well. good system.



Yeah it's really easy for people to deploy it themselves if they want to (and much simpler than Hotline Webring for instance).



I'm really enjoying this and am glad to be part of this community. The newer sites added to the ring are looking great. I'll be sure to add everyone into mine. I have a banner update for my site I'd like people to start using, but it isn't a big deal if you do or not. I'll try and upload it later tonight.



Is there an irc channel related to this? Would anyone be interested if I were to start one? Probably on Rizon, I'm not that technically advanced to host myself. It would probably just turn into an idling cult but let me hear your thoughts.



making chats to supplement communities is the fastest way to kill communities in my experience and i don't care for chatting much but i guess i'd probably join the idle cult



This. If you want a place to more casually chat, it'll need to have all the anti-insider trade features of an imageboard: public, no registration required, anonymous by default, and without special privileges. Even then (i.e. meguca), fast paced rooms will accumulate history faster than the thread, which accelerates the inevitable cultural schism. I feel you though; I'd be fun to chat without soykafting up the thread with noise.



I get you but >>50357 and >>50359 are right. If you wanna chat with some people in the ring then (mostly) everybody here has some form of contact.



File: 1631170739181-0.gif (58.58 KB, 240x60, 4:1, slushbin.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I know this is bullshit, but recently I remade my site css because it kinda was boring and basic. I don't feel like the banner fits anymore though. So if people want to add me from now one, could they use this banner?

Also the link



>I know this is bullshit, but recently I remade my site css because it kinda was boring and basic.
I don't think it is, you're just redecorating your internet home.
On a side note, I noticed the buttons on the homepage of your site require Javascript when it's completely unnecessary; you can do a very similar thing with the buttons with CSS.



>I don't think it is, you're just redecorating your internet home.
That's true. Out of all places, personal websites are the most appropriate for unique, opinionated, sometimes crazy designs.



>I remade my site css because it kinda was boring and basic.
it looks great, I like it



I thought about that, but from what I know CSS can only show and hide one div. My page works that it hides every dif and only shows one you selected. Maybe I'm just a CSS noob tho. But i've quickly remade every part of the site to be javascript free so you should be able to do everything without turning it on.



oh and also thanks! Glad you like it. I forgot to reply to you because I was writting in a hurry.



File: 1631208124890-0.png (14.36 KB, 763x76, 763:76, pic.png) ImgOps iqdb

updated it in mine (https://猫.移动/webring/)
looking swell, be aware of the fancy symbol effect on minimal systems though



File: 1631343001288-0.png (5.63 KB, 240x60, 4:1, radiocc.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hello, I am the owner of Radio Chupacabra, this is my banner and the url is:

...and more...

I have many links in my link list, but I lost my first domain name "" for some reason, please update the link of the pages that you have added to me: D to my new URL ""

I try to be the simplest to create the page, at the moment no PHP, only JS and HTML, as an audio server I use icecast2 + debian 10, as a client a netbook from a decade ago with debian 10 and MPD

I plan to add more sections, like song history and broadcast from other hobby projects

I love the simple and personal style of the nineties pages, especially those that populated Geocities, at this point we are the underworld of the internet


Please add my banner and of you want, listen my radio , thanks



added back, and yes its a very comfy experience
even besides the neocities ones, just the unique handcrafted pages are something I didnt realize how much I missed until stumbling across this webring.
theres file hosting, radios, blogs, circuits, projects, archives, links to other interesting sites and services. its really the internet how its meant to be experienced



File: 1631371895563-0.jpeg (76.73 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, saci.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you brazilian? The chupacabra looks cool.



Yes !! this is the real underworld of the internet, we need to link us more, i feel like we are some resistance to the massive corporation of internet like facebook, google, etc. long live to this undernet !

nop, i am chilean !! :D and you?



File: 1631491095216-0.jpg (356.61 KB, 926x906, 463:453, lainchan_webring.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Nice to see the threads still going, I added all the newcomers to my webring right here, fuarrrked up the formatting while phoneposting so I just removed the
quote links
I really like your photo gallery, the urban themes are quire similar to the pictures in mine! Added.
>active life blog
I like the psychedelic hell concept. Added
Superb anime taste. Added
>3D dorf fort clone in rust
fuarrrking do it. Added

Kudos for the upload API, works like a charm https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/tmp/f/R0.jpg Added
Updated, it's cool to see older sites still being updated



File: 1631491171957-0.jpg (232.03 KB, 1042x1073, 1042:1073, webring_000.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

lmao accidentally uploaded an outdated image, here the actual webring



Guys, I need help. I have hosting on an external server, which I bought alongside the domain. The prices have really gone up. It used to be around 60 dollars, now it is around 100 dollars. It is a lot and I am not able to afford that. I am also unhappy with choosing the .pl domain name, Poland is my home country and I want to support it but the domain prices here are just rip-offs. However, I don't want to lose all of the traffic that I have accumulated. After a google search, my website appears around 1000 times. Is there any way to save this without getting destroyed by price increases?



maybe switching registrars, I remember cloudflare was going to do .com for free, or something. probably not .pl though



File: 1631581786255-0.png (122.33 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1624890672543.png) ImgOps iqdb

You'll have to elaborate more on your current setup. How are you spending $100 on a domain + server?

I usually use namecheap to register domains (for cheap, kek) and the average entry level VPS (which should be more than enough for a webring project) start at around $5, hell I used to rent one for $2.50 m/o at vultr. Thing is, doing this involves quite a bit of server admin know-how that casual users lack, if your current host is one of those where you can just make minor changes through a web gui then you're pretty much paying premium for said GUI.




Try to use a cheap VPS (entry level) and buy another domain, then make a redirect in your .pl domain for a few month to ensure that all references to your new domain are changed to the new domain by spreading and put a message before redirect if some user go to the old domain,
Try to buy a domain accord how much $$ want to spend to this, there are domain for a few dollars (the domain .xyz is one of the cheap)



So what’s the cheapest way for me to host a simple blog like this? It’s just going to be html and some python package to make it look pretty



Pretty much the cheapest VPS service you can find should do for simple projects like these




but beware, search for a good references VPS hosting, some VPS have some problem like bad connection or something

look this: the basic vps is good for mantain a old style webpage or imageboard (and more) there are many good vps with similar price/spec



I should have clarified, it's 100 dollars for a year, not for a month.



it seems the .pl tld is screwed, they dont even have it on namecheap and elsewhere it costs way too much. you'll probably lose some of the traffic but if possible you could setup a redirect to your new domain from the old .pl till it expires.
as others mentioned pretty much any garbage vps you can find will do webhosting just fine, I personally recommend scowering around on a bit. though they mainly have us and europe offers.




If you want to host some pre-generated static soykaf, there are cheaper options than VPS services. There are even some free ones, without ads, for example, I used to (ab)use InfinityFree few years ago for a particular project. Also, many of them support PHP, so there's room for more advanced things than static websites. For me, a VPS would be an overkill, as I don't intend to run any services, and I'm a poor fuarrrker as well. If this is also the case here, then I'd suggest looking for a simple, dirt cheap web hosting instead of a VPS. I see a lot of lainons hosting custom services, so no doubt there's VPS recommendations here, but different folks have different needs, yadda, yadda.



Lainanons, what do you think is better when making a webring page?
1. Downloading all banners and keeping them in my website images directory
2. Importing the banners from other sites by using <img src="url">



Download all banners, just to not make a lot of request to other servers.



most just get them locally, keeps things more static and simple.
no need to make requests to the other sites




Ok. Thank you anon.



Here they list a website that gives you a free .pl domain name. Just dropping it here, not recommending it.



better in the same page, not linking because this >>50757 , >>50766 and when some page of the webring is down, you dont see the ugly image error in your web



File: 1631740172195-0.gif (5.7 KB, 240x60, 4:1, hiddenroute.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Available on Tor, i2p and yggdrasil. There are books, links and some blog posts.


I hope the website gets some traffic. I haven't advertised it anywhere else since its birth (months ago) and not sure if anyone has ever touched it.



>epik got leaked hard
>tons of user info
>namely DNS changes, payment info (no credit cards), and account credentials
>10 years of data
>Over 100GB of data
yeah I'm btfo-ing. I suggest you anons change your passwords and such; I'm gonna switch registrars
needless to say my site will be down during the move



i signed up with a fake address & name and i paid with crypto + i used a unique password

the leak doesn't touch me at all



Got any other recommendations? It is honestly impressive how fuarrrking horrible their security is. Never buying domains with fiat again.



the only reason to use epik in the first place was because you could pay with crypto & sign up with fake whois data

if your data got leaked in this hack then its on you



I do urls because people might change their banners, I made mine in 2 minutes in paint, I'll surely change it soon



Cute website, anon.
>not sure if anyone has ever touched it.
Shouldn't the server have logs of page requests? You could also try implementing a guestbook.



File: 1631793749212-0.png (28.42 KB, 300x241, 300:241, 3344324234223.png) ImgOps iqdb

none of you guys were affected by the epik leak, right?
i hope you all signed up with fake WHOIS info and paid with crypto...



>none of you guys were affected by the epik leak, right?
Personally affected, no. I stick with Namecheap.

Building a nice public web front-end (with AGPL'd source code) to make all that data easily searchable to anyone, with a handy MD5-to-known-plaintext function for the passwords? Hell yes. I'm expecting it get it up by sunday night. Might end up being a Tor hidden service.

I've been going through the raw SQL at random. It's amazing how so many people registered domains under what look like standard "firstname plus lastname plus number at gmail/outlook" addresses.



File: 1631808745460-0.gif (1.33 MB, 720x348, 60:29, 1616075218792.gif) ImgOps iqdb

cute little site anon, added to the onions part of my webring page.
if theres anyone that has an i2p or yggdrasil only site I'll add a section for that alone too but so far onions and clearnet seems to cover all sites
I use namecheap with both fake info and whois guard, while paying from burner paypal





File: 1631840191638-0.png (218.04 KB, 400x663, 400:663, scarEdNA.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wasn't redpilled enough bros :(
Maybe if I'm real lucky nothing will have been leaked on my side or all of it will be drowned out in the massive amounts of data
I hear Njalla is pretty good these days. I've been looking into more decentralized ways of doing this though, specifically Handshake (handshake [dot] org). Looks promising, though I can't say if I'll use it or not



dont forget to change your credit card number



I've downloaded the leak. Credit card info was completely redacted, exactly as the leakers claimed in their press release. They're at least that ethical and honest.

There are MD5 unsalted password hashes though. Change your passwords, folks.



File: 1631854835466-0.gif (4.77 MB, 580x326, 290:163, bison_bois.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Good news bros! An anon from this webring pointed out to me that my name isn't in the leak! Apparently my account was too new for that. I will definitely change my information in light of all this, though. This was too close of a call.



File: 1631869109667-0.png (27.37 KB, 500x655, 100:131, 3452543534543.png) ImgOps iqdb

as far as i can see they only redacted part of the credit card number and in another of the databases there are credit card number checksums for each transaction, which i guess the hackers missed because it means you can crack the remaining numbers with it



>as far as i can see they only redacted part of the credit card number and in another of the databases there are credit card number checksums for each transaction, which i guess the hackers missed because it means you can crack the remaining numbers with it
Yeah, there's a few missed ones in the table "orders" (from the file epik_anonymize.sql). A grand total of 3 card numbers not yet expired that might be found out. Pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

I underestimated how long it would take my little old home server to import all the data, it took several days. But now that it's done I can finally get started on my lookup tool. This is gonna be fun.



File: 1632681505753-0.png (2.26 KB, 240x60, 4:1, ring-banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

My website is
I copied one of yours' so let me know if I missed anyone. Will look through the rest in the coming days



>>49373 (OP)
Is there an agreed convention on storing banners? You could keep them at site's root in a manner favicon is stored, then each site, or the webring aggregator could fetch fresh banners of each participant by querying their roots or through hot-linking.



as discussed many times previously, there's no way you would be able to coordinate webring residents since a lot of people aren't active here and haven't showed up in months or even over a year. and personally i wouldn't like that because i don't want anything on my pages to rely on external requests to load correctly.



You are an absolute gorilla nigger with 0 reading comprehension.
1. After lainchan has decided to LARP as 90's webmasters with banners and all, a standardization on banner naming convention and location should have been agreed upon from day one as a logical solution to problem of growth. I'm quite sure, there's a webmaster guide written sometime in 2001 that touches topic of banner retrieval and webring scripts.
2. Standardization permits automation of a process.
3. Your page does not rely on "external requests", but it relies on unreliable and useless repetitive manual labor of curating an up-to-date list of all webring peers that otherwise could be done by an simple program.
4. It does not have to run always-on automatic, you can launch it manually each time you update a site, but it's a labor-saving device.
5. Since there is a central curatory webpage containing links to all lainchan webring sites, each participant would fetch a list of peers from this central location, and from this list automatically fetch up-to-date participant banners.
6. It automates fetching banners from any arbitrary list of websites that have banners which adhere to this convention.

Examples of how it might look:



>standardization on banner naming convention and location should have been agreed upon from day one
debatable but either way IT WASNT and good luck coordinating with people that havent posted in a year
>Standardization permits automation of a process
>relies on unreliable and useless repetitive manual labor
there's nothing unreliable NOR even necessarily repetitive about saving a banner to a directory. we have what? 1 or 2 webring additions per month on average lately maybe? your desire to engage in refinement culture to this level is actually disgusting to me.
there's also the glaringly obvious security and legal implications of allowing someone to dictate an image that downloads into your browser and is hosted on a page publicly. i'd rather not have illegal content hosted on my site because you would rather design a program to add complexity for a task that's already being taken care of easily
>Since there is a central curatory webpage containing links to all lainchan webring sites
not necessarily there isn't. definitely no "standardized" one, and why should anyone have to bear that responsibility and why should i trust them if they did? most people here aren't even acquainted let alone friends.
>automates fetching banners from any arbitrary list of websites that have banners which adhere to this convention
you don't even need a naming convention for a list like this to work and it's already been attempted before by so i don't even know why you feel so strongly about it. putting the security of every site in jeopardy by maintaining a single point of failure for them all? great idea



not op, but, imagine a situation.
3 websites in the webring just changed their banners to different looking ones last week. your webring looks outdated, what you do then.
keep track of every website in case they change their banner? Or you don't care and end up being a black sheep of the community. "you can skip adding HIS website to your webring, his banners are outdated and he doesn't even care"
there is literally nothing wrong with links
"le external requests" yeah, 90s are over, 1 tiny .png file or a .gif is absolutely nothing, that's the reality.



>"le external requests" yeah, 90s are over
that anon wants to avoid a situation when someone swaps their banner to some illegal soykaf



There is no legal difference between visiting a website to look up an image of banner with "illegal soykaf" on it through browser and downloading a banner.png from same site with a script and viewing it in image viewing software before adding it to your site.



banners are posted in these threads when people join the ring. have you even lurked here before? and it's not just a matter of the browser downloading it, it's hosting and plastering it on your own personal webpage.
>your webring looks outdated, what you do then
every time that's happened they've posted about it in these threads and said changing them is optional, but clearly it doesn't matter that much.
>end up being a black sheep of the community
what part of "there are people in the ring that have been MIA for over a year" don't you understand? if those people aren't black sheep then who even could be? there's no lainchan webring committee coming to conclusions on how sites should be run. in fact i don't really like anyone here telling me how i should run my site in the first place lol. the webring is something i put on my site for the benefit of viewers to find something new. it's not a contract or joint business partnerships.
>is absolutely nothing, that's the reality
you know absolutely nothing about the web or program design principals. however, you've already made this clear by saying "90s are over".



You guys are fun.

Here's an idea: If you want to be on the webring, you post something like this (an this should be standardized) in this thread:

title: Naygigger's website

Then we make a script that parses the thread (maybe looks for the thread by looking for the latest thread that contains the string "Lainchan Webring Thread" in the OP), greps all the websiteURL/bannerURL/title combos and makes a folder that contains all the banners and an index.html that says Lainchan Webring as the title and then lists the banners. Then each webmasta runs the script, gets the webring folder, adds it to his site and links to it from the landing page or whatever. Or something like this.
If you want to stay on the webring, you have to post your site in every thread, which takes care of abandoned sites, dead links and outdated banners. There's a canon list of banners, but they're locally stored.

> inb4 what if someone has cp as their banner

First of all, lol. That said, just report the post to the mods.
> what if someone makes a troll thread with "Lainchan Webring Thread" in the OP
Call the mods and have them delete it or change one letter of that string.

This is basically a perfect and pristine system. Fite me.



Nobody forces you to host offending banners you don't like, it's a proposition to automate their fetching. Let's say there is a group "lainchan webring", you don't want to endorse all sites or want to point only to sites of your close friends. While all of you are participants of "lainchan webring" with agreed customs on banner location and name, you can update list of banners on your website by running a script that fetches multiple URLs, instead of doing so manually in a browser by navigating to obscure location each time you feel like so.



utterly incapable of engaging with critical thinking. will not respond to you again. please stop soykafting up the thread unless you actually work on implementing this and other people are interested in it. no further sales pitch is needed.




It seems the leak was truly a database backup. I am an extremely recent epik cosumer (lierally days before the databreach) and my info did not get leaked. I'm just the 1% though.



File: 1633027451096-0.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ring.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've caught up to adding (hopefully all) new webring participants. Thanks in particular @ for being very organized.
Dead links were weeded out and tor entries are included this time.
I've also made a gemini version of my site using a badly and hastily written python script, which may or may not work out for your use case. Get it at



Paranoid who wants to make a site while maintaining anonymity here.
Say I'm hosting technically illegal stuff (pirating, not pizza). How can I avoid getting raped by bio-luminescent government employees?



Hosting it on I2P (Tor works as well) and sending the link to the people you think they could be interested in it through a free and open source chat protocol that supports encryption (like XMPP).



Put server behind cloudflare and make a discord server. This is how torrent trackers exist in current year and have 0 problems with copyright gestapo.



is there a reason many of you use gif instead of png and webp for buttons and banners? compatability?



I've participated in dozens of little projects and communities over the years I've spent on *chan. They always and invariably die when people try to standardize and streamline. I'm unsure as to why, but I think it just kills the spontaneous and noncommittal nature that makes these projects fun in the first place. I'd rather not repeat it with this one.
Rolling out requirements that break backwards compatibility is a soykafty idea in general, especially when the community is as loosely organized as this one. Only a fraction of all participants are ever going to put in the miniscule effort required to adhere to it, and most won't even realize anything changed in the first place.
I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and I'd love to hear your opinions on my observations.



is my site disqualified because of the webm backgrounds concealed anon?



completely agreed. i've had similar observations to you mentioned earlier in the thread >>50357



it's either setup correctly from the beginning or it never will be, the moment its not set in stone from the beginning it'll be impossible to retroactively fix it. trying to do so will annoy the people that got in at the beginning and refuse to change along, and just creates more drama than its worth.
the only way this thing is going to stay going as it has been is if it just stays to these threads and people randomly adding others to their rings. that said I'm actually rather enjoying the chaotic nature of peoples webring pages, makes it worthwhile to checkout more sites to find links to even more sites.



File: 1633205403525-0.jpg (100.5 KB, 698x698, 1:1, big-think.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I mean yeah you're right. This whole webring is sort of a "rejection" of centralized search engines anyways. We're basically just sharing each others websites in a community fashion, like they did before google. I've even seen some people bring back 88x31 banners on their websites for similar purposes.

The requirement of being a part of this webring is having the knowledge and dedication to make a webring page in the first place in your own unique way on your unique website. When you streamline the process, it loses that barrier to entry, creating a homogeneity that really doesn't mesh with what we are doing here.

I personally like all the heterogeneity in this webring, and encourage it.



How do I make a banner? They have a certain look that seems difficult for someone like me to replicate, also I have no graphic design experience.



File: 1633217458157-0.jpg (57.48 KB, 1005x677, 1005:677, 1622947789962.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

open gimp, new, 240x60, draw, thats it.
find inspiration from others if you can't think of anything
there is no secret shortcut, just make something you like



while's csv thing is handy and a good method to store all of them when you have a webring page that generates from those files.
keep in mind that list is slightly filtered and wont add everyone



File: 1633291911900-0.jpg (11.76 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1604755782016.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Yes I am aware, I do try to scout other rings and see which sites there are, as well as the posts in these threads of course. I'm pretty sure I have some sites on my ring that aren't on that list. Still, it's not at all improbable that I forgot some, but there is no shame in pinging me in threads like this one if someone for some reason specifically wants their site on my page.



File: 1633295591945-0.jpg (438.98 KB, 1102x1258, 551:629, 1625035525034.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

if you dont mind, I dont think my abysmal site(>>50172) is on there yet



>Likes kraftwerk
>Flies RC airplanes
Yeah, I'm thinking based. Welcome to the ring buddy.
I would say it dies because people kinda in the first place come here to experience some wild west of the internet. It's not really wild if we start streamlining everything and making rules. I think at best when it comes to growth we can split the webring into parts that form smaller webrings. So like we have "webring a" wherin sites link to each other but also have a button to some site from "webring b". Which site is choosen for that, and which part of the ring you are in is up to you. You don't really need to form any rules because to get exposure new sites will go to a smaller part of the ring so they are more visible. So the problem of scale is kinda handled without that many rules. Obviously that has few issues like one part of the ring being the exact opposite against each other which might grew seperation, but luckily that isn't an issue we have to care about yet.
Yeah, not going to pretend this is something extremely big, but it might as well be part return of the web that isn't run by companies and marketting Algorithm but living people who just want to express themselves or do creative stuff. I really miss that and seeing it return here slightly feels good to me.
Or use krita. I never personally learned how to use gimp. Besides that you don't really require that much to look good. Remember that minmalism actually is pretty easy to pull off. I've seen lot of people use just black background with a bright text on top, but it's fine since it's readable and quite easy to do. Even world most famous companies use that design principle.



File: 1633404250026-0.png (121.75 KB, 363x368, 363:368, zucc.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think recent events have made it abundantly clear, in a way that words cannot, that it is a good idea to decrease your dependency on big centralized internet sites. I would therefore encourage people in this thread, currently relying on services like n*ocities or similar for their hosting needs, to consider self-hosting. Get an rpi, old laptop, whatever, and buy a cheap domain.
It's easier than you might think. Do it.



File: 1633463353964-0.jpg (38.22 KB, 187x175, 187:175, 1448350897602.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I enjoy having an offsite thing, like the dirt cheap vps, to throw public facing things on like site. also irc bouncer.
and it doesnt go down when the power or internet goes out in my place



ngrok does a pretty good job at this



File: 1633531683405-0.gif (5.81 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got around to doing a complete rehaul of my site, and I gotta say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
I think I added everyone, but feel free to shoot me an email in case i missed you!



And of course I forgot the link, like some kind of retard...



i really like your site a lot, will be adding you to my page soon. i'm also currently reading witch hat atelier so it's fun seeing it mentioned.



File: 1633587274653-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 2381x3029, 2381:3029, 1633536189189.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

you're too humble
I'm not sure why but I just missed yours for some reason, added now



very nice one, added



File: 1633891650550-0.jpg (64.28 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1595624519627.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

added some horrible js snippet to replace the webm backgrounds with gifs when autoplay is blocked by browser.
people that also have js disabled will still get the frozen webms but I couldnt think of a nice way to show them something is not as it should be without ruining the working case where people without js have autoplay enabled.



It works fine for me and looks really cool. You could make the sound be off by default or at least make it somehow get louder with time. I have videos blocked by default and I clicked my mouse on accident and had music blasting into my ears at full volume which scared me. Besides that the site looks slick.



Autoplay sound was considered rude in 1999 already. Is every "webmaster" in this thread like this: repeating 2 decades old rookie mistakes?



Guys I think that this' just a scheme for corps to get all your sites in one place.



File: 1633918103779-0.jpg (144.32 KB, 1024x1008, 64:63, alvis fixing computer.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Given that I've only seen autoplay on one site so far, I'd say no, not /every/ webmaster. Unless you want to be more specific with what "mistakes" you think they're making?



thanks fren, its still quite loud but I slow nudged it to 90% ish now to not spook people as much
this isnt really the enterprise grade website design, I'd barely classify my site as more than a tacky contact card to begin with.
dont let it ruin the impression of the other sites most are legit nice blog/personal sites like geocities used to be.



...and get what out of it exactly?



whats the best registrar that uses crypto, or just any registrar



File: 1634199407173-0.png (16.77 KB, 208x212, 52:53, 1632945061517.png) ImgOps iqdb



Does anyone remember the lain who made a website about When Marnie was there?
I can't find it anymore.



File: 1634476820148-0.jpg (48.45 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, 1498565444296.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>We're not actually a domain name registration service, we're a customer to these. We sit in between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield.
so you just pay a guy in crypto to get your a domain on some regular registry? how is that any more private than just buying it with a throwaway paypal and nonsense filled account on namecheap.
or even just paying a lain in crypto to get you a domain from namecheap and then change the registry management



>just buying it with a throwaway paypal and nonsense filled account on namecheap.
not easy, paypal fuarrrks you real hard with identification (SSN and Drivers/State ID). It's also insanely difficult to delete your account.
You're best bet would probably be a Visa Gift Card or something bought in cash.



It sounds stupid, but they're actually really good, ran by the same people who kept Pirate Bay up for ages.
Only reason they can't reg it themselves is because ICANN are a bunch of babies.



>paypal fuarrrks you real hard with identification (SSN and Drivers/State ID)
I opened a PayPal account like 3 years ago and they didn't ask for any scanned documents. Is it a mandatory step during the registration nowadays? Or do you mean that they ask for these under some particular circumstances? To be honest, I didn't even read their ToS, and that account is of low importance.



there are 2 major problems and 1 inconvinience with using paypal for anonymity:

major 1: Getting funds on the account is difficult. You obviously cant just fund it directly yourself as that would give away your identity. Gift cards are also a no-go since they reveal your physical location. You'd have to get some third party to send your account the money, but the third party absolutely cannot know your identity, otherwise (((they))) could obviously just go to him and ask him for your ID.

major 2: paypal will literally freeze your account if it has more than ~5$ in it and they dont know your identity. Theyll straight up just not allow you to use them until you send them photos of your ID.

minor 1: Paypal is *constantly* logging every little piece of info you reveal to them. If you ever access the site without a VPN youre fuarrrked. With something like bitcoin this isn't a problem.



buy physical silver, platinum or gold
convert to cash at a coinshop
use crypto atm



File: 1635234246481-0.png (6.93 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

It isn't much but I did my best and for someone who has no real experience with programming I'm proud of it



fuarrrk me, this is why love those small blogs of lainons and retards alike. I fuarrrking love y'all.



I like your site and look forward to more content! Are you planning on adding a webring page to your site as well, or did I miss it?



I've thought about just linking to but I haven't bothered to due to school



File: 1635438597880-0.png (9.39 KB, 240x60, 4:1, smtNULLbanner.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hi Lain, I've enjoyed reading your websites. It inspired me to make my own. It's very basic right now but I made a banner anyways.
The color scheme is from acme/my emacs theme



idk why I even bother with this, enjoy some nice q3a maps I guess



I really like this website, love the crosshair cursor!



thanks lain, maybe one day I'll get my servers back up and we can play quake together :')



Did we ever discuss possibilities of leaving this cult? We have a runner:



Why would you come into a thread for a community project and ask if people want to leave it?
Also you're not obligated to add each and every site in the thread.
There's several I exclude due to lack of content or similar reasoning, and several I add myself just because I want to like Yukinu did at first iirc.
The webring is what you make of it.



Cool maps! Quake 3 still rocks, and it's even FOSS...



File: 1635527380843-0.jpg (31.26 KB, 414x417, 138:139, adult virgin.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

> "Too much work and too many sites that are just junk on there"
> nothing of substance on the site
> pronouns on front page
a bit pot calling the kettle black. oh well. nothing of value was lost

damn, a day goes by and the page already 404s

when are you going to add a copy of the webring to your site?



you don't add hidden services and the likes to your webring? ;0



Sad state of internet nowadays



I've added a link to the webring, at some point I plan on adding all the buttons directly to my site but for now there is just a link



page not found, I'll not add it to my webring til it actially works



I've been working on a website because I'm learning HTML for a course anyway but all of you guys have such nice websites it's kind of intimidating

My HTML is super basic, how long did it take you all to get good at it?



you don't have to be the best, I'd recommend you just go through sites and try to see (by using browser devtools for example) how a part of a website is constructed after you find something you might want to replicate or generally like. That as well as generally trying things and looking up documentation will give you all the possibilities to let you make what you want.
Instead of getting good at it you could copy paste together a site with many different parts, no shame in that.



Hi there, has anyone a recent version of webring. Didn't upgrade my page for a while



Maybe we should create a git repo for the banners



Sure, if you want to. It should definitely be unofficial and independently maintained, though.



File: 1635822664690-0.png (4.59 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

This website has been my project for the last two months. I will add the webring to my site.



File: 1635908818044-0.png (599.58 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, 1631741254182.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks fren. I'll add the webring after I fail my exam tomorrow.



File: 1636196304282-0.jpg (90.89 KB, 1125x1116, 125:124, w null_ysxa7m1mpw371.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

what am I reading
lain how did you already kill your site

took me a while to get back to adding sites, but now I should be caught up. let me know if I missed one



File: 1636402773018-0.gif (2.38 KB, 240x60, 4:1, concealedworld.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I thought I should draw attention to the fact that I've completely rewritten my site over the past few days. If anyone is linking to my old banner page, it's gone. Any 404s will redirect to my index page. The new page is created by a script operating directly on the webring.csv file, so I'd like to think it's a decent source to link to.

While I've not been replying I've still been updating my copy of the webring - let me know if any are missing.

Additionally, I altered my banner slightly to fit the new look. It's not changed much, I'm just being overly-meticulous. Update at your leisure.





File: 1636651249561-0.gif (14.15 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb
There's not much on my website, but I'm probably going to post some stuff there soon.



is there a reason you skipped



Based trans artix linux user.



Nope, I used's csv file and only added clearnet websites that were up. Just added these two missing ones.






I don't think I'll ever be able to take people who writes "my pronouns are..." seriously. Also, they in singular should only be used for someone or something you don't know anything about. Stop destroying the English language.



>They in singular should only be used for someone or something you don't know anything about.
Stop making soykaf up you gimp



>Stop destroying the English language.
Dude, Shakespeare himself frequently used the singular they. And if you've got a problem with how Shakespeare used the English language, I invite you to try not using words he invented - good fuarrrking luck with that.

The English language is a mutt, a mongrel. It's a hodgepodge Frankenstein melange of everything spoken and written in and around the European continent, with additional vocabulary lifted wholesale from every other country on the planet. And that's the real power of English. It's a living language, adapting to changing circumstances.

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