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File: 1649647785385-0.gif (53.17 KB, 144x96, 3:2, gayearth.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.58746[Last 50 Posts][Watch Thread]

This is part 8 of the webring thread, still going!

Last thread: >>54827

How do I join?

* a link to your website
* a 240x60 banner of your website

* Post a link to your RSS feed on your site. Communicate with other Lains by responding to articles on their RSS feeds with responses on your RSS feed. If you're both subscribed to each others feeds, you'll see each others responses and can long-form communicate back and forth in a decentralized way.


File: 1649648035040-0.gif (18.35 KB, 240x60, 4:1, large_banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>My website:

>My RSS (I STILL don't know how to fuarrrking work this :D)

I'll add onto other lains in the "Links" tab, but after a while I will make its own page :D!!!!!





I barely noticed a new webring thread was created. Time to update the link for that as well, I guess
Nice website, I'll add it later today.
>My RSS (I STILL don't know how to fuarrrking work this :D)
I have the source of my website available in a git repository, with the RSS feed being there as well. It's not the best, but it might be useful.



this will be useful if/when i can afford to get off neocities' domain!! I really don't like being stuck on neocities since I'm interested in hosting decentralized services, but I wanted to wait til I can afford to host stuff like that!!



>OBSCURE has been updated
It's not a great RSS title. What was updated/added to the website? It doesn't say.



it's the auto-generated one from Neocities because OP is lazy. They don't have control over the RSS. I think OP misunderstood the assignment



>it's the auto-generated one from Neocities because OP is lazy.
Pretty much this, or lack of knowledge on how to make a proper RSS feed.
>They don't have control over the RSS.
RSS can be added manually as an XML file. It works just fine on my neocities page.



File: 1649793378254-0.png (6.14 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb



All set up but there's nothing there. Yet.

I'm a little late to the party. I've added links to other lains sites but I have yet to visit most of them. Should make for comfy late night browsing.



The i2p link doesn't work. Other than that, great site.

Currently I am tweaking my site under the hood, new sites will be added later!



Thanks for letting me know. It's the correct link but i2pd soykaf the bed again I think. I'll fix it when I can.



nooo im not lazy, i am just stupid



yeah make sure you're running the latest version, the version in the Debian repos always has the tendency to segfault for whatever reason. You can import their ppa.



Where can I make a small banner for my website ? I've got interest in posting my website but cannot find any sites to create my banner.
Any help would be appreciated.



Should you really be outsourcing making a simple banner for YOUR website? Use GIMP or similar.



I think the whole point of bringing back webrings is to get the flavor that comes from having people design their own things. Using a cookie cutter template kinda defeats the point.

Go take a screenshot of something you like, crop it to bannerish size and fuarrrk around with it in gimp for 15 min and you'll do fine.



File: 1649885591497-0.png (32.99 KB, 240x60, 4:1, lainchan_banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

>>58808 here! i made a PSD file you can reference open this in an image editing program like gimp, krita, photoshop, etc, and you can remove the filler text / image with your own :D it really is as simple as >>58811 said! to make it a gif, i normally use in a really archaic way;

1. split the frames of a gif i like
2. put those frames into my button on different layers, all in the same spot (you can do this by pasting them all in, then putting them in a folder, and then moving that folder to the desired location)
3. export each frame individually
4. put it BACK into ezgif and then time it as needed.



>>58746 (OP) tell me if this is formatted correctly >:(



that looks good and works with my aggrigator!



File: 1650053615798-0.png (5.83 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb


>rss feed

not yet

I have restarted my personal website project after more than one year.
I still have more work to do but it's already presentable. I'm a programmer so expect lost of software stuff in the future, along with music and random blogposts.
there are still some issues like the vocaloid page with all those youtube embeds requesting almost 20mb of data if it's not cached. I have to look into either using video files directly or only loading the iframe when it becomes visible.



Very nice website. I love the intro.
By the way, can you add my banner in the webring page? I know you copied my version of it ;). Same for >>58747.
I may add my banner there as well, now that I see people here just copy it to add older sites.



sure, added you to the webring page :D

Also, I copied the webring info from which I suppose is the most updated version of it



File: 1650153541185-0.gif (9.5 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 240x60.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I used to be but I've now bought my own domain and my new link is and so here is my new banner.



yes! i copied yours, and i meant to ask for permission from your xmpp, but you never responded, i was going to leave it up until i got notice not to!! i keep forgetting to add you into it in the beginning, going through and fixing dead links as well, i plan on going to the old thread and gathering anything you have missed, but i assume you grabbed everything!! thank you soldier (salute emoticon) adding gallidite as well >:D



>yes! i copied yours, and i meant to ask for permission from your xmpp, but you never responded, i was going to leave it up until i got notice not to!!
I see. My XMPP server was down for a while now, and I have recently got that working again. Also, I just noticed your message earlier, my bad.
As for copying the webring from my site, feel free to do that. My website is under a Creative Commons license and every page is available in a git repository, for everyone to see.



What rss aggregator do you guys use?



I like your site, your hosting setup is pretty funny. Is it just a spare macbook or do you use it as a main laptop too?



newsboat. it's lightweight and extensible.



Did newsbeuter -> rawdog -> newsboat/snownews -> sfeed and I'm completely happy with sfeed. Way simpler and doesn't need fuarrrking Ruby to build the doc.



File: 1650388756755-0.png (14.84 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't use my website for anything right now, but I might plan to do something in the future.

Cool webring though :) Feel free to check out my website



nice little website anon.
added you to the webring.



btw, the link to your blog is broken



>>59051 Ah sorry forgot the https, fixed it.
And thank you :)



i like your art!



Liferea. It's a decent GUI RSS reader. I'm happy with it.



It's just spare, the keyboard is broken



Newsboat for me.

Nice site!



Elfeed (a package for Gnu Emacs)



Since a lot of people have been messing around with rss feeds I decided to make one as well.

Added you, cute website and props for using your free time well at that age.

Can't wait to see the cosplay page!



>Can't wait to see the cosplay page!
haha thanks. all the rest of sections I set up to make are now finished, so it's the only one left. It's a little daunting because of the nature of the content, but sooner or later I'll get to it... probably sooner than later



>website (please no bully)
>irc (can also be found on the index page of website)

I'll be adding a webring page shortly



File: 1650829349091-0.png (1.31 KB, 240x60, 4:1, klownbannerv1.png) ImgOps iqdb

forgot banner :D



File: 1650829833942-0.jpg (2.51 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20220424_175651.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

No idea bout this thread ..
But its a tech board so..

Whats the checker in small square under a Path: line?

Also , isnt it perfectly norm to simply copypaste package from compressed folder (to destin. folder) , not decompressing..just drag-drop to (like anons tell)?



wrong thread for this question.

next to checkbox is md5 hash of the file

if you drag and drop out of a compressed archive it will decompress the file



>next to checkbox is md5 hash of the file
Line with checker in zipped folder's name
(Didnt find whats checker for in Help Guide)

>if you drag and drop out of a compressed archive it will decompress the file

Ok. As im not trying to unpack that , so i just better copy this ( Wondering why those complex apps for , if so simple to drag drop )





File: 1651016474648-0.gif (4.76 KB, 240x60, 4:1, yukinu-240x60.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Lains, I'm finally back! My site will be back up for at least a couple months or so and I have a few more things to write about. Added some more banners, sorry if I forget a few, hard to keep up. Also been reading some of the posts on the RSS feed every once in a while, good to see some activity on RSS.

Been spending a lot of time on side projects recently. I've been thinking a lot about the web recently, what I like about it, things about the web I wish were different, and have been wondering how I would design a hypertext protocol these days, what would I do differently? So I've been doing just that, working on my new hypertext protocol. Its takes a lot of time writing up and designing a spec, planning out and working on the server and client software. I don't know if it will ever come to fruition, but it's been an interesting experience either way. Maybe I'll end up writing some blog posts about it some time.

Good to be back online!


Also link's to my website and RSS:



RE: stealing cookies and passwords from web browsers
> displaying how insecure it is to store cookies and passwords (or any confidential info for that matter) in any web browser.
Fundamentally if you have access to the same data as the browser, you can do the same thing a browser can do. There is no 'secure' way so calling it insecure is pointless.

Good to see you back!





Here's mine.

I took this one and added my site. In case anyone wants to work from that copy, here it is:
You just may have to adjust, in that index.html, the link to your main site's index.html and the link to your css file.



May I ask, are you the same person who ran "The Cosmic Library" page? The content of the page seems very similar.



Yes, I changed the name. Good memory there - it's been a couple months since the Cosmic Library was up. I should update the webring and take out the old banner, now that you mention it. I'll do that in a second.



File: 1651341490589-0.gif (10.5 KB, 240x60, 4:1, BigBanner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Still working on it quite a bit, but here's mine
>>58746 (OP)



Added you both



Added in return :)





not that lainanon, but I was wondering the same thing. then I'll just swap the cosmic library entry in the webring with this site




Riced it based on this:

And added a command to download videos to watch offline
macro q set browser "cd ~/Videos; tsp yt-dlp %u; notify-send 'Downloading '%u "; open-in-browser ; set browser "brave-browser %u" 



Alright, added you.

It's so weird to me that you guys remember my old site, even if it's been just a couple months. I guess I always felt like no one was checking it out, even if that views counter on neocities said otherwise.

(Not that lainon, but) that's really useful, I'll be implementing it. I've been torturing myself using quiteRSS for long enough. Looks like it wouldn't be hard to use the same hack to send an article to wget for offline reading, as well. Thanks for sharing.



You're welcome!
The interface might not be the slickest (it's a TUI after all), but it's very flexible.
It allows you to customise everything: blacklisting articles, making "meta feeds" based on querying your own feeds, external scripts you can call from macros, you can even set the number of threads used to download new articles.
Haven't used it for long, but so far I'm impressed with it.



xnp2 is better than dosbox-x for pc-98 emulation in every way.



its nice but ideas like that died quickly with most not enjoying the idea of including js on their page.



They should have made it emit static HTML that they could embed. One of the bigger problems is that often these JS scripts break if the webring host website goes down.
I wish they would include some sort of third link to skip over to another part of the ring. Too many times have I came across an old webring where one of the sites is down and I can't find an archive of it. The min-cut of 2 is terrible.



Maybe an iframe that fetches the links from the host who would use php with a url query with a unique key to get the next and previous site such as:
<iframe src=""></iframe> 
Although this does still have the issue of breaking if the host site still goes down.



The best way to do this without a central server is probably to link the next 3 pages back and forth, something like this:

-3 <= -2 <= -1 <= 0 => 1 => 2 => 3
-2 <= -1 <= 0 <= 1 => 2 => 3 => 4

if youre on node 0, nodes -3,-2,-1,1,2,3 would all need to be down for the ring to break (or more generalized, 2 sets of 3 consecutive nodes would need to be down such that forward and backward traversal is no longer possible). For more redundancy you could even request each node to link the forward and back 3 plus 1 random node. This would make it very redundant without a central source

frames are a problem since some extensions block frames (umatrix for example)



many of the aesthetic choices i have seen are antiaccessible. flashing lights are a big no no. thoughts?



I'm a total smoothbrain, I've been wanting to get somebody to tidy up the layout of my site for a couple of years now but I don't really know anybody into web design. I started without knowing anything, so the CSS is just a cluttered wall of nonsense and I've struggled to get certain things laid out how I want them. I'll start updating again soon though.



I don't know about others but I made mine more so for the sake of aesthetic, since I don't have much to write about to begin with.
I don't think there should be any rules regarding how one should design their sites either if that's where your post was potentially going to go (I know someones going to bring it up eventually anyway).
Just don't add the sites you dislike to your page.



I'm not gonna compromise my aesthetic expression with accesibility, sorry.



>>58746 (OP)
I added a page for the webring, mirroring Ophanim's data for now.



anyone know where to find good information on exactly what kinds of flashing lights cause seizures or other photosensitivity issues? i know irregular white/red flashing is bad but thats it. ive been trying to get a straight answer by asking everyone who mentions it to elaborate, but almost always the answer is "i dont really know, it doesnt effect me, but this seems like it would be bad" and the rest of the time its "some kinds of strobing, trailing, or blurry patterns give me a migraine, but some dont and i cant really tell you which is which". like, im willing to put some thought into making things comfortable for people, but im not going to do it based on random speculation.



File: 1652128251704-0.png (25.59 KB, 1230x370, 123:37, 410.png) ImgOps iqdb

my guestbook broke and i lost all my comments :( if you'd left me a message before (or if you hadn't!) i'd love to hear from you via the "guestbook" button on my homepage.

thank you for all the kind words and helpful feedback. it means the world!



thanks lainon, i saw it as well, but that's only about 15% of the messages i ultimately had i think. and it doesn't restore the guestbook's functionality ofc. appreciate it tho



im working on my website and i will post it soon.



> Your browser does not support JavaScript!
> Please enable Javascript and refresh this page!
Yawn & tracking.



is this on the guestbook page or my homepage?
sorry lain. there shouldn't be any js on the site itself.



>xnp2 is better than dosbox-x for pc-98 emulation in every way.
thanks for the suggestion anon. i tried xnp2 today, but cant get it to work, pop in the HDI, reset, and get a STOP screen. probably some config issue. any ideas how to fix it?



Depends on the issue. If you post a screen cap, I could answer specifically. If it says something about about MHz, hold the end key down and reset, go to the second option and switch the option from 5 MHz to 2.5 MHz or vice versa, then quit the option menu and it should reset.



leprd supports php and mysql for webhosting. If you want, you can make your own guestbook. There are many templates on github!



File: 1652232272468-0.png (91.2 KB, 1190x297, 1190:297, sch.png) ImgOps iqdb

Still in the cult? At least he broke out of this soykaf.



It is kinda suprising that someones dotfiles worked on my system without any problems. Thanks man, good rice and looking sexy. This rice would attract normal people to RSS (no jocking) hehe



What is with the hostility towards the webring? It's been stated over and over to just add the sites you like, there's no "pact".



>Still in the cult?
A cult forces you to participate. No one is forcing you to do soykaf. You are welcome to fuarrrk off at any time.



I'm pretty sure it's that one guy who makes "chrome for security" posts and what not. He just hopes to get a reaction.



I've made an rss feed and hopefully I'll write something at some point.



File: 1652641298190-0.png (8.4 KB, 240x60, 4:1, sftn.png) ImgOps iqdb

Where can I find the most complete+updated list of links and banners?
I might be a couple of years behind



Ok I found one, I added 60 new links



I wouldn't recommend that. They take down projects for trivial reasons. Too many 'm's in your project name? Too bad.



I'd like to think I'm decently up to date: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/webring/ and the source: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/webring/webring.csv
I did however add some non ring meme entries
think the unspoken rule is concealed still has the most up to date one, but some got filtered from his list



I didn't post in the thread since a while (forgetful idiot) but I have been lurking in the shadows and updating my webring page recently to right wrongs. nicely done everyone.
maybe I will try to figure out RSS now



File: 1653160261721-0.png (32.52 KB, 180x122, 90:61, urg.png) ImgOps iqdb

epic spoiler fail





Since we're talking about RSS feeds, I am happy to give you the RSS feed of my deep fall into schizophrenia:



i have skimmed through and gotten most, if not all, of the clearnet sites, but I have not been very motivated to add the onion n co sites, very sorry! I want to add more onto my site in general like pages for my personal interests + useful tips i have for games i play, etc, but I really have not had motivation todo anything much! agony



File: 1653763063398-0.jpg (111.9 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, www.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Have some time today, anyone need help with their site? can help answer some questions about html, css, js, web tech stacks, how to structure things, etc



almost done my site just need to find a good way to make a blog with RSS. anybody know any good lightweight solutions? I was thinking pandoc but dont think I can make rss feeds with it ( though I have very limited knowledge on creating rss )



Hey, that's a cool offer. I'm at, I'm actually working on a major rewrite. I'm making a simple SSG based on book publishing. I'll write the books in txt using markdown, then a script makes a pdf out of that (using awk to convert markdown into latex code) and a html webpage for the book so the url looks like, and then it generates the book's entry in my RSS feed. All should be automatic, I'll just need to write the txt with some metadata at the top, like in latex, but with a simpler syntax, like markdown (I'm coming up with my own markdown spinoff for this), then throw the txt in some specific directory and that's it.

I'll also be writing my own CSS. Copied mine from somewhere else, but it's full of bloat. After seeing the one at, I want to make one that's very simple, because I don't need much.

I'll take any suggestions, I guess. Nice of you to offer that.

You could download some rss feeds' files (it's usually a .xml file) from different sites from the webring, compare them to see which one you like, choose one and use it as a template, editing it manually. After that you can automate the editing, a bash script and awk or sed should be enough. There's many ways to do it, but copying someone else's and editing it manually is, I think, the simplest for starters. Or (depending of what you mean by simple) you could use a SSG (static site generator) like Hugo or something like that. Some of them generate/update the RSS feeds automatically when you post something.



>almost done my site just need to find a good way to make a blog with RSS. anybody know any good lightweight solutions?
depends on your existing tech stack, you might be able to find an existing library. Also its pretty easy to set up a script to generate RSS, you can use the wikipedia example ( for help on setting up the format.

>I'll write the books in txt using markdown, then a script makes a pdf out of that (using awk to convert markdown into latex code)
iirc you can go straight from markdown to pdf with pandoc, what is awk converting in this case?

>'ll also be writing my own CSS. Copied mine from somewhere else, but it's full of bloat. After seeing the one at, I want to make one that's very simple, because I don't need much.

I was going to suggest checking out classless CSS frameworks, but I noticed your actually already using one (air). You can always try limiting the number of HTML tags your using and dead code eliminate one of the classless frameworks (heres a list of them: to only the few tags you need. A lot of the bloat in these frameworks is to try to fix edge cases with certain browsers, where a lot of conditional logic and vendor tags are needed.

Also looks like pandoc is including a conditional comment to a cloudflare domain, might want to replace with a selfhosted copy of the html5 shiv lib, but only applies site visitors using old IE version:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="/html5shiv-printshiv.min.js"></script>

>I'll just need to write the txt with some metadata at the top, like in latex, but with a simpler syntax, like markdown (I'm coming up with my own markdown spinoff for this),
some static site generators support frontmatter at the top of markdown files, you can use a similar format in your markdown files for metadata. many SSGs use yaml format in the frontmatter and markdown for content, like this:

meta1: value1
meta2: value2

# Book title

Some book text



File: 1653788684280-0.jpg (305.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, www2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

forgot to include name and image



>iirc you can go straight from markdown to pdf with pandoc, what is awk converting in this case?
That's right, I'm doing something like that but adding some more functionality. For example, you can use markdown to say "this image goes here" with quite a simple syntax, and pandoc can make pdfs and htmls and epubs and whatnot out of that. But if you wanna say "this image goes here and it's justified to the right", or something like that, just a little bit too specific, it's out of the scope of markdown and you have to write in the whole latex snippet if it's a pdf, ir the html if it's for a website, etc. So, awk can replace something like [image.jpg / right] with the whole latex line that says that image.jpg should be right-justified in the pdf - which is quite a clumsy line, latex being latex. And so on - adding little bits of functionality like that.

>I was going to suggest checking out classless CSS frameworks, but I noticed your actually already using one (air).

I just copied that CSS in without understanding much of it - but for a rewrite I'd like to understand every line, so I'll start off with what I know, and follow your tip from there. Classless CSS frameworks look great - I think I could use them quite a lot, not just for the website itself but also to make fancier epubs. And that github repo is quite handy. Thanks a lot.

>Also looks like pandoc is including a conditional comment to a cloudflare domain

Good eye! I hadn't seen that. I'll just remove it, at the cost of making users of 10+ years-old versions of Internet Explorer unable to properly enjoy the blessings of html5 on my website. If I ever come across a computer running on such an old browser I'll use it to check out my site and see how it breaks, out of curiosity. And then upgrade it to lynx or something.

>some static site generators support frontmatter at the top of markdown files

Well that seems to be exactly the wheel I'm reinventing. Except instead of marking it with --- as in your example, I'm commenting the metadata out with % signs, because that's how it's done in latex. That's reassuring.



Any good Perl CGI resources?



Hi lainons. I am ashamed to admit that I haven't lurked nearly long enough to post yet, and I am sure that this question is posted countless times every thread. But I am going to ask it again anyway Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!.

So I have my domain name and server, and can connect to my default index page. Now I just have to..... make the website. What is the best way to go about this as someone who knows no html/css/javascript? Should I learn basic html/css and build my site from scratch? Should I use a static site generator like Hugo? Should I do something else entirely? I am a bit out of my depth here and would appreciate Lain's advice.

Right now I am leaning towards using a site generator, but I am worried it will leave me no room to edit and personalize my site later, which is the whole point of having one in the first place.



>Should I learn basic html/css and build my site from scratch?
Learning basics of HTML+CSS can be done in a weekend. I recommend W3Fools (only good for learning HTML+CSS and basic JabbaShit. The rest of the tutorials are bad) and Mozilla Developer Network. You also need a text editor, if you don't already have one. I recommend NeoVim, Emacs or VSCodium (sic).
> &
If you write the HTML files by hand, you will have more control. Even if you later decided to use Hugo (or something similar), you would benefit from knowing the basics of HTML+CSS.



You'll be better off in the long run if you take the time (which isn't that long, mind you) to learn some html and css now. Plus, you'll feel much more accomplished afterwards.

Nvim and emacs are both great editors, but they can take a bit of learning and pretty much require you to fine-tune and personalize them to your liking. If you learn nvim, use vim-plug to install extensions easily, and I recommend CoC (Conquer of Completion) plugin for suggestions and auto-completions while typing.



File: 1654207350428-0.jpg (18.21 KB, 344x342, 172:171, 1639242409368.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Thanks. I will do it properly writing my own html then. I already use vim for everything so that isn't a problem.
Do I have to worry about security at all? I am selfhosting from a soykafty laptop and I have a bunch of ports open on various devices including port 22 for ssh. Will glowies try to get in?



>selfhosting from laptop
oh boi, i will pray for you
>Will glowies try to get in?
aint that obvious



>Do I have to worry about security at all?
Probably not much as long as you keep things simple and don't have a target on your back. Consider hosting your stuff exclusively over tor and/or i2p.
>Will glowies try to get in?
They're already in.



File: 1654333413840-0.png (7.85 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well I have a minimum viable product, here is Yet Another Personal Blog Site you guys can add to the pile. I was going to wait to figure out RSS before posting here, but that seems like it's going to take a while as I'm probably going to roll my own bash script to do it.



>Do I have to worry about security at all? I
You need to use fail2ban. There are some guides, like

>I am selfhosting

Pls seriously consider using Neocities.



>Pls seriously consider using Neocities.
Neocities is great for getting your feet wet with static sites, but if in the future lainon wants to do backend stuff Neocities just won't cut it.



what happened to ? it turned into a gitea instance?



>Pls seriously consider using Neocities
This anon is right. I want to be able to serve files and run arbitrary code server-side.

I will look into getting a reverse-proxy. Then I can be as retarded as I like on my end.



Hi dear friend! I am also back! I have changed my layout a bit and
now I will update my banner maybe soon!

well, until then I have to add ALL of new people since my absence. See you guys on the flipside, I will update you guys soon!



File: 1654452761066-0.png (30.37 KB, 740x302, 370:151, damnimgood.png) ImgOps iqdb

added, good luck
>seems like it's going to take a while as I'm probably going to roll my own bash script to do it.
what I used while taping together my php rss generation:
just follow all the tips it complains about until its fully valid according to the service, very helpful



File: 1654458412430-0.jpg (35.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tech.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

glad to see you back alienozi! I updated my site with your new url and will be the new url next time i build my site

here's two resources for this:

also you can try reaching out to qorg for more help, he uses perl cgi scripts for some of his sites:



can I use cgi on neocities? would like to implement cool stuff but it seems that unfortunately only javascript is supported



could you elaborate?



No, you can only use static HTML on neocities itself so you would need some other service to provide CGI.



Or you can, you know, not rely on 3rd-party services for website building? Building a simple semi-dynamic site requires little time and skill.



> you can only use static HTML on neocities
No, you can make the HTML dynamic via JavaScript. What you meant is that you can only use front-end scripting, but not back-end scripting.



File: 1655052587539-0.jpg (152.2 KB, 1180x858, 590:429, world-wide-web.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I'm around today, if anyone needs help with their site or has questions about HTML, CSS, JS, RSS, webdev, etc let me know, will see where I can help



lol, aside the colors, I had exactly the same setup in 2019, he probably stole it from me



>>58746 (OP)
Do we have a git repo containing the webring (banners + links)? it's time I show my website some love again



alright thank you this made me understand what was the issue. I think I will leave my website as is at this point



Anyone have any links guides to making an actually good looking website?

I'm working on a site at the minute and have a homepage etc. set up and four article and a couple small interest pages but its all pure HTML, all wrote manually, and all updated manually, so when I want to add a new article or whatever when I want to add a link to it to my homepage I'm manually editing the file for the homepage to insert the link and reformat the page to put it in the center.

I want to do something where I basically can have a feed on the homepage that automatically shuffles in the newest post when I add something to the site, but I'm not sure how to even begin going about doing this.

I have no coding or web design experience at all, I'm just learning off of W3 schools.



>Anyone have any links guides to making an actually good looking website?
You could use or to get a color scheme. Also, try to use relative units (like em and %) when making the layout.

>I want to do something where I basically can have a feed on the homepage that automatically shuffles in the newest post when I add something to the site, but I'm not sure how to even begin going about doing this.

The simple way of doing this would be to have a file called blog.html (or just index.html). The blog.html file contains an unordered list that contains links to your individual blog entries (name each like blog_entry_2022-06-15_1.html). You should create a blog_skel.html that you use as a template for your new entries. Alternatively you could make separate files for <head></head> etc. and then #include them using M4 (but it can be just more work).



Alright thanks, I'll take a look at both.
I'm just barely starting to learn how to create style sheets so not having to struggle through colour theory as well is going to help.



I want to make a website, but my paranoia makes me feel that someone will link my site to my real identity and that I'll somehow end up getting cancelled because of an offhand comment I made that in the future is decided to be wrongthink.
Did any of you have similar feelings, and how did you overcome them if so?



File: 1655425044534-0.png (382.23 KB, 891x596, 891:596, 1628809916820.png) ImgOps iqdb

in my experience interacting with people, if you're this deeply afraid of muh cancel culture then you probably should get cancelled. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



File: 1655425748700-0.jpg (99.03 KB, 572x720, 143:180, 1464265271222.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Yeah, I should just let a bunch of loud, mentally impaired people on Twitter and Reddit harass me because my opinions are different than theirs, right?

When/If I do go public with some of my programs in the future, I'm going to host as much of it as I can. That means no Twitter (I wouldn't bother with it anyways even if loud idiots weren't a problem since Twitter is entirely worthless to me personally), no Github, maintaining communities on self-hosted platforms like Matrix and other simple forums, etc.
They would have a hard time doing anything to me if they can't get me kicked off of communities I'm not even on in the first place. Outside of that there really isn't anything they can do to me since I'm more than willing to self-defend.

Maybe employment is a problem for you in which case you need to figure out right now whether you want jobs bad enough that you'll be conformist with a profile picture of you smiling on every website you use per the companies orders. There will always be opportunities available to you even if most places reject you because of the Twitter loudmouths.



I have multiple online identities and the one I use for Lain (and program focused communities has a whole) is the most horrid one yet nobody has put two and two together.
I think so as long as you're consistent about keeping such identities seperate you are fine.
The chances of such an event occurring are low unless you're deliberately touching the soykaf enough for the soykaf to jump at you.



File: 1655552528686-0.jpg (43.44 KB, 465x488, 465:488, treekot.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I'm glad my abysmal blogging style is catching on somehow
>Yeah, I should just let a bunch of loud, mentally impaired people on Twitter and Reddit harass me because my opinions are different than theirs, right?
what kind of social life do you lead where brewing soykaf gets you in any sort of trouble? even if why wouldnt you be able to separate online, online (real life) and real life. personally I dont even bother keeping a real life idenity going I just tell people I dont bother with social media and thats it, nothing to find no strings to connect



Do any of you use linters/checkers for your HTML or do you just hope you aren't overlooking anything?
t. just realized I forgot a closing > on over 60 pages



File: 1655606405356-0.gif (10.92 KB, 753x397, 753:397, html.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Do any of you use linters/checkers for your HTML or do you just hope you aren't overlooking anything?
many editors have linters, but i typically don't use a linter while writing html and instead just run all my pages through a beautifier at the end, essentially same end result



File: 1655617109898-0.png (289.61 KB, 818x1397, 818:1397, kf1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1655617109898-1.png (680.62 KB, 696x2857, 696:2857, kf2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>what kind of social life do you lead where brewing soykaf gets you in any sort of trouble?
Its more of a "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure" kind of thing. Who knows what kind of weirdos you'll end up dealing with in the future (and I'm not just referring to weirdos on the internet but weirdos in real life as well).
All it takes is one single person to destroy your entire life. Look at the war between some British guy called Vordrak against Kiwifarms. He completely crippled the infrastructure of the site to the point that the owner Josh had to bring almost everything under his control hosting-wise. That means his own physical colocated servers, his own IP range, and lots of other weird things just so someone in the chain doesn't pull the plug with a single concerned phone call. He spends over a thousand dollars USD a month just to keep the lights on.

Realistically, I will probably never have to deal with this level of harassment, but I'd still rather not make myself immediately vulnerable by being on Twitter or Github or whatever.



I use but there is also
Also, check out the browser console (part of inspect element tools).



>Its more of a "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure" kind of thing.
you make a very valid point, I originally probably supsected your concerns to be more service level. getting back to your original questions:
>my paranoia makes me feel that someone will link my site to my real identity
it will ofcourse not be bulletproof (in the end nothing really is), but you have to draw the line somewhere; try to keep your site off big hosting companies, I have found the smaller and cheaper the hosting the less the hosting companies care. this will lower the chance they are harassable for your details or pull plugs. as a sidenote to that always try to use non personal payment methods, either proxy paypals or crypto. again not bulletproof but better than nothing
and ultimately, if getting canceled worries you so much. try to stay out of sight of those people, dont put content up on your famous youtube channels, dont participate in drama linked projects on github etc etc. if you absolutely must again try to keep those identies separate from your site and real life one.
>Did any of you have similar feelings, and how did you overcome them if so?
its been a thought in the back of my mind a couple times, especially after getting tangled up in some chan related drama projects on github on an account that links to site and other pojects. but two things keep me from caring too much in those situations:
there is nothing about my real identity on the internet, never bothered with social media, the only thing I have is a real name gmail for real life related things like making appointments or government nonsense. I understand that if you didnt take this lifepath on the internet you cant reverse it, but it works out for me.
secondly but also useful, theres little life to destroy. a couple distant relatives and thats about all theres left of it, I could find another place to live, get another job and move the server hosting to another place without worrying about any sorts of connection with the current ones. most of the 'canceled' victims seem to be alienated in social circles and lose their following, I have neither to worry over.
thanks for reading my probably useless rambling be sure to get on with your site and throw in a banner when you get over your paranoia I'm just 1 banner short of my webring banners being divisible by 3
vim takes care of missing closing tags and all other pairs. if the browser then also doesnt yell at me in the console and the site renders I couldnt care less



replied to the reply of >>60935 not the actual post mb here you go have a (You) too



I'm not worried about getting cancelled because I'm simply not important enough.

I *am* concerned about people I know in real life connecting my normal person presence to my wired presence. I publish some things under both names so it is easy to do if you are looking for it.

I write it off as very unlikely, and if you are autistic enough to have found my "secret" identity, you are probably cool with what I post.



> I'm not worried about getting cancelled because I'm simply not important enough.
For now, you don't know what the future brings. Plan accordingly.



File: 1655878892361-0.png (444.72 KB, 900x579, 300:193, image-37.png) ImgOps iqdb

I understand your point and agree with you, but at the same time I'm not going to censor myself (other than maintaining an anonymous identity seperate from my public one). If it ever becomes a problem I'm going down with the ship.



File: 1656322328257.gif (Spoiler Image, 24.36 KB, 240x60, 4:1, heimdall.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm creating Heimdall, a tech blog and service provider. It's still a big WIP but the bare bones are here.
I plan on adding articles, more websites on the webring page and a RSS feed whenever possible. Hope you'll like it!




I dont know why my banner became a spoiler lol
Sorry for that



Suggestion for the mail service implementation, you could also add a temp variety.



theirs lot of websites that require your email for bs reasons before even using them so it would be nice if their was some tor friendly temp mail implementation.




Sorry, I don't intend to provide temp mails. A lot of mail servers are considered as spam after providing them.
And since me and some friends use it as our primary mail accounts, this would be kinda annoying to be flagged as spam.

If you still want a mail, you can just send me an e-mail tho. I'll add a better mail registration system and a «« code of conduct »» later.




I should've added that the mail service is primarily focused on providing personal/« serious » mail accounts (except for kek).



nice site, cheers for making my clearnet banners divisible by 3 again.
joined the mumble out of curiousity and disturbed some french community by accident, all good content otherwise




Sorry if my friends were... weird. We're french after all, kek. Next time I'll be there :)

May I have a link to your website? I'd love to add your banner, too.



I see you're lacking quite a lot of banners, its already on the concealed world one if you ever plan to just completely add that. I own the horrible chinese neko domain: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/webring/



Cool site!
I've seen the PHP script on but I was too lazy to add it kek.
I'll do that later.



im kinda been thinking how easy would it be to dodge spam filters with email redirection, i mean wouldn't it work if you had the email redirector on another domain.



File: 1656683479165-0.png (1017 B, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1656683479165-1.png (288 B, 88x31, 88:31, button.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got around to putting up a site I've been working on in random bursts for a while now. Here are the links for the site and its RSS feeds:



Nice website!
Just added it to (my version of) the webring.



nice site, nice blog, nice banner, nice content, already included my site in the webring. couldnt be better to be honest



File: 1657213350479-0.png (533.01 KB, 1024x983, 1024:983, pic.png) ImgOps iqdb

did concealed just lose is domain?
warning for everyone linking to that webring page as reference, since its adridden landing page atm



File: 1657481040438-0.gif (27.5 KB, 240x60, 4:1, agorasecret.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Updated my webring, I added everyone here!



File: 1657486624113-0.gif (4.57 KB, 240x60, 4:1, blogpin.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I still need to setup RSS : |



Everything that begins must come to an end. So i'm retiring from the webring. you might or might not remove my banner from your site, it's your site after all. So long and thanks for the fish!



you will always be remembered as a part of the 007 gang, qorg. Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!



"qorg, i'll fuarrrk you with lain until the day i die, but that's ok, everyone have a dark past"
That's what a friend told me. So I don't really have a problem with it.



I'll keep your banner on as at this point theres multiple thrown in anyway that dont link back or associate
it was a good time cheers



File: 1657567755012-0.png (284.47 KB, 608x464, 38:29, Lainstrumentality.png) ImgOps iqdb

> worship an anime girl
As if AI (love in japanese) hasn't existed since before this iteration of civilization.

If I make an AI and give it god-like powers, then make an anime about it in the NeXT iteration of the world, then we're just worshiping an anime girl?



>worship an anime girl
theirs nothing wrong with that, people before us used to worship gods and built their actions around them, that was their higher ideal, you can see it in the statues of old, theirs nothing wrong with having an ideal, people before us all had one.



tfw most religious people worships some random carpenter born from a girl and a dove, character that has served as an excuse to commit crimes to humanity in most eras (≖_≖ )

Just because we now have more advanced (as in, complicated to make stuff with, not necessarily superior) media than a book doesn't mean a modern religion based on these newer medias is in any way inferior to older religions, on the opposite, i don't see anyone raping kids or doing crusades in the name of Lainism

i know i bited the bait, but who cares at this point



hope nixx comes back an gives a word on this. it's too bad because a lot of people were relying on his navigation scripts. (also demonstrates why it's a bad idea to ever rely on someone else's site for any functionality in your own)



File: 1657739027856-0.webp (80.36 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, qorg11.webp) ImgOps iqdb


Guys I think this could be the laziest excuse for being old and not wanting to update the webring page. (I still miss the harmful section on kill-9).

pic related



I removed (most of) the soykafposts. Cheers and love Lain.



OP here! Please don't clog up the thread, this is for joining the webring + questions about it. I literally could not care about your opinion about people's relationships with the anime, if ur a fan then ur a fan, even if your views on it are weird as hell



nixx is still up, just got another domain. You can check it at



File: 1657810578203-0.jpg (60.63 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1642033491526-0.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Hello I have not killed myself

I was having difficulties renewing with Epik, to cut a long story short. It all happened fairly suddenly, so I'm sorry I couldn't give any warning. I'm sure everyone here already knows Epik aren't to be trusted, in my defence I wasn't even of age way back when I first bought

But ultimately I realised I wasn't at all upset at the prospect of losing it, I'd done nothing with my site in a long time, and realistically I don't think I was going to. Life is fairly busy and I don't need that kind of mental overhead. So with a new domain I escape any pretentions or expectations associated with the old - this is just a site for my soykafpost server, the only service I run that I sincerely enjoy and that sees regular use.

Again for the sake of keeping things simple, since I don't have as much time to spare any more, I won't be joining the webring again. However, I'm open to organising reciprocal links, and anyone here is welcome to join, I liked a lot of you guys' sites and wish you all the best.

>(also demonstrates why it's a bad idea to ever rely on someone else's site for any functionality in your own)
Quite hahaha

Your thread has been clogged further, you are welcome



your website was my inspiration to creating my own website and through your website I found out about lainchan..



File: 1657916627162-0.png (283.74 KB, 512x384, 4:3, out.png) ImgOps iqdb

found this website from this HN thread
>A search engine that favors text-heavy sites and punishes modern web design (

and i clicked the 'random' button and it's all weird neocities tier websites, will certainly be of interest to people here!

pic src:



I literally found this website trough that, i'm not kidding, well not really this website but a site linking to this, literally by pure luck, i don't know how and i don't know why but i somehow found my way here, like God somehow intended for this to happen.



cool website
i disagree with your view on antinatalism tho
The pleasure / happiness you get from being alive outweighs the pain. Actually i think in modern times we experience very very little pain compared to pleasure. This is evident by the simple fact that people aren't mass killing themselves. Sure some people do kill themselves, but i think thats mostly people who are depressed / unmotivated in life and do it out of boredom / curiosity of what happens.
In fact i think its only when someone is mercilessly tortured that they'll beg to be killed because the pain overwhelms the pleasure.



>Actually i think in modern times we experience very very little pain compared to pleasure.
This is true, but people don't consider the difference in absolute terms. We are always comparing our situation to what our situation *could* be, and it doesn't take much thought to think that while our lives could be a lot worse, they could also be a lot better.
This is especially true for people who have never lived through how much worse it can be -- that is, the majority of europeans.
The belief that we could be better off does drive us to constant improvement, but it also means that a lot of people are miserable even if they are comfortable.



>Actually i think in modern times we experience very very little pain compared to pleasure. This is evident by the simple fact that people aren't mass killing themselves.
I think you're perspective must be very narrow. You must not know how horrible peoples lives are in the third world, how much worse they are projected to get given economic consequences of war, crime, and climate change. Understanding this and internalizing the despair requires education, which is notoriously bad in the global south. The inability to fully comprehend it, given said lack of education often results in hedonism. When your impotence IS understood it will often result in nihilism and/or antinatalism. The latter is, honestly, not an illogical idea to arrive at. If you are relatively well off (relative to your country men, not people in the global north) in a doomed third world country, it makes sense to live your life, help minimize the suffering of others and your own, and not perpetuate that suffering. Keep in mind, for the standards of living in the global north to be maintained, developing countries must never develop, and indeed when they attempt to do so, military interventions occur.






idk man i dont live in a third world country so i guess i cant say for sure but i seriously doubt they live in so much despair and pain that its not worth it to stay alive, and that the only reason they aren't killing themselves is because they are too stupid to realize it. You dont need an education to be able to weigh the average pain and pleasure you experience in your life. You seem to take a very abstract view of pain, basing it of a persons nations well being. Sure that plays in part in the pain someone might experience but people happiness isn't based entirely off that. You could live in the worst possible off nation on earth, that is bound to collapse in a few years, and still be happy. I also wonder what you count as "pleasure" because i count it as everything from eating a meal, talking to friends or family, laughing, thinking/imagining, even taking a deep breath or stretching, etc. I imagine a dead person who cant do any of those things would like to. I think being alive gives you a lot more pleasure than pain. Even if you live in an absolute soykafhole with a lot of pain, the pleasure of life outweighs it.

>Keep in mind, for the standards of living in the global north to be maintained, developing countries must never develop




Keep in mind that anti-natalism does not necessarily mean pro-suicide.

Not having an education does not necessarily equate with stupidity. Education provides perspective. Knowledge about your country, it's history and it's place in the world. Also knowledge about other countries, the living standards in those countries and their relations to your own. As I said, people without that education often turn to hedonism. I'll add that they might also turn to cynicism. They might not have the education to give context to their condition and that of their society, but given our globalized world, they are inevitably exposed to images of other places around the world, and they must make sense somehow of what they see. They cannot only evaluate their own experienced pleasure vs their experienced pain because the pleasure and pain of others stares them right in the face. These people are human and are capable of feeling indignation same as everyone else. If, when trying to attain those better living standards they observe for themselves, they are told "just be happy with what you have", they will feel outraged. It's human nature to aspire to want to pursue things beyond day to day survival. Some of them might be capable of some buddha-like detachment of earthly pleasures, but the majority of them won't (as first world entrepreneurs and pioneers aren't), and we cannot practically expect the majority of them to do so. Again, in the face of this some live hedonistic lives indulging in vices and doing whatever activity requires the least effort and has the greatest return in order to facilitate such a lifestyle (crime). Others turn to delusion through religion or bitter resigned cynicism. The crime brought about as a result destabilizes their communities and reduces their life expectancy. The work conditions and long hours destroys their bodies and barely rewards. If you have some education, understand some history, geopolitics, and social science you understand how your country fits into a larger system of globalized capitalism and how virtually every new person born into conditions like your own is either doomed to the same living conditions or has a limit to their socioeconomic advancement.

Mine is a more practical, justification for anti-natalism. Given that human sources of happiness vary and that the source of that happiness is often unattainable to many in the modern world, and that many are conscious of that fact, it makes sense for those people to not impose that conditions on others.


Because of modern globalized capitalism.



File: 1658176648346-0.gif (13.8 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner-2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hey all, I finally made a website
here are my banner and url:
Does any one have a completely up-to-date page with all the banners whose html I can copy?
Also what is the reason for using 240x60 "banners" and not 88x31 "buttons"?
Do they have different purposes? Sorry for sounding new, I'm not very versed in the conventions...




It's a mix of being tradition here and imageboard standard. In the days of yore, banners were fairly popular when you saw things like "works best in IE9" or "uses DHTML!". In addition to that, most imageboards have used that format for a while, and webrings like this one mostly format pages for banners with this style in mind.

tl;dr: it's been done this way forever and no one has bothered to fix it if it isn't broken.

>404 page in comic-sans



File: 1658201811177-0.gif (7.62 MB, 240x60, 4:1, wnet.gif) ImgOps iqdb

wnet studio
site rss feed (made one but no idea what it does??):



I copied from Hidden Corner

I guess you can read the page source code and figure it out.



Is that Old Church Slavonic?
Holy mother of Based.



oh wow, they've already added me even, thanks
haha thanks :h and spot on! I honestly didnt suspect anyone from here would know it



>Also what is the reason for using 240x60 "banners" and not 88x31 "buttons"?
I created the first thread. the rationale behind 240x60 as opposed to 88x31 had to do with common screen resolutions and aspect ratios. When 88x31 banners were common, the common screen size was 800x600 and in 4:3 aspect ratio. At 800x600 with 88x31 banners, you could fit a max of:

# Vertical
(600 // 31) == 19

# Horizonal
(800 // 88) == 9

in present day, common screen resolution is 1920x1080, at max with 240x60 you could fit:

# Vertical
(1080 // 60) == 18

# Horizonal
(1920 // 240) == 8

which is only 1 off in each dimension compared to 88x31. Furthermore, while 88x31 banners can fit a 800x600 resolution, 240x60 can fit a 1920x1080 resolution:

# Cant fit 800x600 viewport with 88x31 banners
(600 // 31) != (600 / 31)
(800 // 88) != (800 // 88)

# but 240x60 banners fit the entire viewport for 1920x1080 resolution
(1080 // 60) == (1080 / 60)
(1920 // 240) == (1920 / 240)

since the max # of 240x60 banners on 1920x1080 is even in both dimensions (8 and 18 are both even), you can half the resolution and still fill the entire viewport (4x9 banners on a 960x540 resolution) while retaining the same aspect ration (16:9). You can also divide both dimensions of 240x60 by 2 evenly twice (240 / 4 == 60; 60 / 4 == 15), meaning you can reduce the size of the banners to 1/4th and 1/16th the size while retaining the same aspect ratio and being able to fill an entire 1920x1080 viewport (with 60x15 banners, you could fit a massive 2304 banners on a single 1920x1080 viewport). In the same line of thinking, mobile has a smaller viewport and less uniform viewport, being able to shrink banners down by 1/4th and 1/16th the size without distorting aspect ratio makes it easy to accommodate mobile and other smaller viewports.

176x62 would have been backwards compatible with 88x31 and fit better on present day common screen resolutions, but the max number of banners in each dimension would be off by a larger factor and would not be divisible. 160x60 was also an option, is closer to being backwards compatible, and can completely fill a 1920x1080 viewport, but the dimensions of the max number of banners on 1920x1080 would be further away from 9x19.

it wasn't random, some thought went into 240x60



ooh I see
I'm sure it wasn't random but didn't quite know why
thank you for putting this much thought into it



File: 1658440984181-0.png (56.95 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb


It's still being built, but it's mostly functional



rg8b8m8 8/8. You got a guy



How did you get that to work? I tried to set up an OpenNIC domain for my website, but I never got that to work and eventually gave up on that.



what specifically didnt work?



For some reason I just can't get OpenNIC to point to my server. I guess I might have done something wrong but I couldn't find any documentation.



did you configure resolv.conf properly? Which TLD did you use, because libre is in a group of TLDs that have this east webinterface



I use the .geek domain. By the way, I found why I couldn't connect to the website. It seems that not every DNS server resolves all the domains. I switched to another DNS server and it seems to work now, although the page isn't the correct one.
Also, I wasn't able to go to your site earlier, and that changed after changing the nameserver. I think tomorrow I'll have a proper OpenNIC page as well.



They're selective? That's not good. Which tier were you using?



I got an RSS feed up. I need to automate entries, but it'll display enture articles in your reader (the best way):



I can't connect at all. It says it can't find the server. Anyone else have this problem?



The domain is provided by OpenNIC. So, you'll have to use their DNS resolver. These can be found here:



>They're selective? That's not good.
Probably not. I don't see any information about that though.
>Which tier were you using?
I was using a tier 2 server.



File: 1658509202552-0.jpg (73.5 KB, 829x613, 829:613, 1605017798054.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>no https
lain please



It's not like we're trading secret information or anything. Https is largely unnecessary here



The TLD is served in OpenNIC, the domain is provided by me :)



all the other links were http so when copying it into my webring I didnt get it right in one try, on top of that a lot of browsers autoredirect to https. but sure doesnt matter functionally



>on top of that a lot of browsers autoredirect to https
Even for people on here? I thought lainons would've disabled that a long time ago.



Huh. All I can say is that's pretty strange



File: 1658559617484-0.png (11.05 KB, 240x60, 4:1, vincememe_banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

My personal website is a work in progress, but it will soon have different stuff like my music, a blog, maybe some games. Design's pretty much finished tho.



Hey, guy from here.
I haven't posted in a long time (the last time must have been the webring thread part 3 or so).
Thanks all for having me in the webring, but I'd like to leave as I've not been part of lainchan for a while now due to multiple reasons, and it feels a bit wrong to "leech".

I'll be removing the (now defunct) link to the webring from my website, and per convention you "should" remove me, too.
Note that I'm not forcing anyone to remove me from the webring, you can still link to me if you like my content.

Thanks everyone for keeping this alive, keep enjoying creating your websites and making great content!



https is a man in the middle, you don't control the root certs therefore it's futile to have it as a form of legitimate encryption. It's because of je- some overseas feds we cannot have the freedom of using self-signed certificates without browsers nagging us that the connection is insecure, when in fact it is.



Then add certs to your CA, you whiny bitch



cheers for making my webring banners devidable by 3 again. also nice site and cat



File: 1658812612624-0.png (1.14 MB, 1875x2233, 1875:2233, website-02.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hi, I've recreated my website, which one do you like better? (up: new down:old)
Also, has anyone a recent version of the webring banners?



The bottom. The top is way too edgy, especially for an adult



>has anyone a recent version of the webring banners?
getimiskon seems to be doing well updating the webring on his site.



website seems based and orthodox pilled.
Only issue is that i cant read it



File: 1659186323535-0.png (2.35 KB, 240x60, 4:1, confusion.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey, I'm currently in the webring but now that is down I am trying to actually add a webring.html that has everyone's banners and links but I am unironically getting filtered. If anyone could give me advice or instructions on how to do this it would be much appreciated, here is my website and codeberg page.



>If anyone could give me advice or instructions on how to do this it would be much appreciated, here is my website and codeberg page.
My webring page with all the banners that are displayed is uploaded in my website's git repository on Codeberg. Feel free to copy it and modify it.



Thank you so much getimiskon! A functional webring is now up on my website! I really owe you one.



>The bottom. The top is way too edgy, especially for an adult

ty, I guess that's one of this cases, where more effort doesn't make it better



File: 1659608219395-0.gif (37.34 KB, 240x60, 4:1, urof.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hey lains, I've finally finished my website! Also just wanted to say I really like the websites, and I've been heavily inspired by them. :)

> website



File: 1659930316115-0.gif (912.84 KB, 240x60, 4:1, reqmoebanner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>under development and latest version isnt live yet
>latest version
will add rss and comments at some point in time :D



I like the layout. Enable hugo's rss feature please.



nvm is live now ^^



i just spammed your guestbook with bazinga because i kept clicking the submit button and nothing happened until it all happened at once



File: 1659978423624-0.png (465.83 KB, 994x772, 497:386, scroll.png) ImgOps iqdb

very cool
idk if its intentional or if u forgot but the body scrollbar is not disabled



That's okay, it's a bit slow due to my unconventional way of doing this. I deleted the duplicates, and also tried to improve the response times :)



and yeah i forgot to remove it @_@



File: 1660074416410-0.gif (3.85 KB, 88x31, 88:31, Banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hello! It's me again! I got a new site self-hosted off a vps and such moving from neocities

I'll be sure to add some of the newer lainons here too to help spread you guy's websites around :]


Gonna be sure to add all you guys onto the site been doing lots of improvements and such

I wrote also a little uhh shell script for automatic dating if anyone's interested too in that, it's not much, but I'll probably post the script eventually to my site :]



I'm sorry, but this website is utterly horrible. Why would you design it like this, the hell are you trying to achieve.

> Obfuscated Javascript

> Cloudflare
> Discord
> An iframe to your actual site (will only load if the user has Javascript enabled)
> Some soykaf mp4 playing in the background, which slows down the website drastically...
> A script to track who is currently online. Mind you anyone can also inject their own script tags in there aswell.

I don't wanna speak for everyone here, but I don't think this is what people what inside of their webrings (atleast I don't)



>> Obfuscated Javascript
>> Cloudflare
>> Discord
> testing them lol
There's nothing particularly funny about being greeted by a blank page. What exactly happened to the spirit of a free and open web?

>> An iframe to your actual site (will only load if the user has Javascript enabled)

> neocities doesnt support php, python, and others
A) I'm not sure why a blog requires any of that, but if it does then B) there's no point in not directly linking to your website. No need to involve Neocities.

>> A script to track who is currently online. Mind you anyone can also inject their own script tags in there aswell.

> ?????????
I didn't check you website but that sounds like Javascript injection.



I like the scanlines. Was that js? Did you write it yourself or get it from somewhere?
I need to put my site up, but I have a...content problem.



its just css + a gif, made it and some others in gimp. i have another overlay i wrote in js forever ago but its trash so i dont use it.

and you have a content problem ?




File: 1660695173264-0.gif (7.54 KB, 240x60, 4:1, TheCryptV2.gif) ImgOps iqdb



ubiquitous "im back guise" post.

i added some wallpapers, removed a bit of cringe and now i'm in the process of looking at all the new websites and adding them to my webring page. i also added an awesome super secret page that noone can ever know about

i want to change the css a bit some day soon so feel free to tell me what the best color is (black and white do not count)

glad to be back, many loves <3



i kind of like the new one better, maybe you could include both versions in some way



File: 1661378049982-0.png (1.01 KB, 240x60, 4:1, cosmica.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey webring. I upgraded my website's internals and changed its name in the process (it was thephilosopherslibrary@neocities). Made it using my own homemade SSG that right now is very barebones but it works. I think my copy of the webring is up to date, so feel free to copy it if you're setting yours up (I also resized the banners that weren't 240x60).

By the way, I have stuff in English and Spanish, in case any of you is from Honduras or something and may be interested in the español stuff.

Also hi to whomever is domain-squatting I didn't want it anyway


 No.62778 currently doesn't resolve. This is due to the VPS provider changing the IP address. Because the DNS is hosted by myself, I set the TTL to a higher value, to incentivise the usage of the cached query. Until then, you have to wait until the old IP expires and it's replaced with the new one.



File: 1661868817753-0.gif (262.53 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Sup bros and brodettes.
> Site:
> RSS:



nice blog posts
one of the better sites in the thread for sure



Thanks! I plan to stay active with it but there may be some dry days. Also I setup an IRC server if anyone wants to drop by and chill.



... are you going to add the rest of the webring to your site?



Yes! Sorry for the delays. I was at work and just finished makign supper. I'm working on it now.



File: 1661906415931-0.jpg (132.78 KB, 1052x810, 526:405, 1661348514904-3.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

It is now complete fren. Check cozy link page.



If you'd be so kind, lains, as to try out the RSS feed I've been writing
and tell me if it works for you (you should see three or more entries right now) I'd be very thankful. I'm troubleshooting it and it seems to work on some rss feed readers and not others, which is weird because I copied the layout from this guy
and that one does work well.

inb4 this is just a PR campaign. I know that asking lainons if they could test my website's RSS feed is like asking women to test my dick for troubleshooting reasons, but no I'm not just trying to get you to follow my site.

Once I get this to work I'll make an opml file that includes everyone's rss feeds, so humans can subscribe to everyone in the webring at once by importing that file to their reader.

Added. Also fuarrrk you kindly for making me notice this.
Soy-fuarrrking-kaf. I'm waiting for the impossible bug burger ads on the GRUB screen already.
Nice cursor btw.



>Soy-fuarrrking-kaf. I'm waiting for the impossible bug burger ads on the GRUB screen already.
you're the other side of the same coin. keep your dumb ideological groupthink out of the webring threads.



Okay I did my best to find everyone's rss feeds and made an opml out of them, linked it here:
I still can't get mine to work properly but I'll figure it out eventually.

This website opens a new youtube tab on your browser when you scroll down to a certain point. I'm taking it out of my instance of the webring.

Yeah you're right. I was dumb.



Your RSS is broken due the item's GUID are not unique. btw, there are validators for RSS out there, see

Also if you're seeking completion with your webring, you're missing the recent entries in the thread :)



It works now, thanks a lot. And you're right, I skipped over some sites, now fixed it and added one more rss feed to the opml. I hope you have a nice rest of your day.



can u share a list of all these RSS feeds
(if its easy to export)



That's what the opml file is for: I exported the feeds into that file and uploaded it here:
You can download that lainchan-webring.opml file, then go to your RSS feed reader and find the option to import the opml file you downloaded.

Sorry that I didn't explain, for some reason I tend to assume that people already know everything I know.



File: 1662229670207-0.png (16.71 KB, 240x60, 4:1, me.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hi, me again. Updated my webring. I checked each existing link with curl and if anything didn't resolve, didn't have a valid certificate, or 404'ed, I commented it out. I added all non-Tor, non-I2P, and non-OpenNIC sites in that I found here.

For blogging purposes (RSS available):



File: 1662276659011-0.png (2.22 KB, 240x60, 4:1, chaox.png) ImgOps iqdb

Forgot to mention I also have an i2p mirror hosted for quite some time, but I haven't mentioned it due to it being outdated. But still, I consider having another i2p site on the webring a win.

URL: http://chaox.i2p
Base32: http://6bcqgkedaq2krrhvidjlmdsoltmzuwaqtrafycfzbc56h5swumoq.b32.i2p/



i'll be honest i haven't posted here in like 3 years lainons, i'm finally learning html and just commiting to lowtech pre-9/11 era simplicity but with a slice of modern cyberculture and lots of capital neuroticism--i shouldn't but i like the idea of breadcrumbing for the intelligent and respectful people who might be at a different spot in their life journey than i am

some feedback would be greatly appreciated, keep in mind i have absolutely no webdev/dev experience of any kind but have been an end user of various tech for over 2 decades as a frame of reference
>netgutter site link



please forgive me for doubleposting but i will come back with a banner after i get flamed by the goons



> multiple porn banners
> results of kink quiz
> no email contact (that I can see)

I sure do hope you have plans to make your site more readable in the future, lainon



yes--i recently started back on my medication so it will tidy itself as my brain begins to work, the smut is for aesthetic flavor while i am wracked by cyberpsychosis



Oh soykaf, I need install I2P again.



File: 1662337357475-0.png (15 KB, 240x60, 4:1, tyxbanner.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finally made a banner that I was kind of happy with.

I'm still working on the site and SERIOUSLY need to update my webring, but this is everything so far!



>I'll try to find some way to share locally stored music files I have.
You can link to files. Just <a href="file.mp3">music</a>



is this just nixx's site with a different color? bit confused



>I must admit, almost all of this site was programmed to replicate because I love the style of the site, however, I think I may change it later on because I'm practically copying the site... kinda rude to be completely honest.



we all gotta start somewhere when we have strong inspiration and low fundamentals, adapt in your own personal way and all is gud fam



I haven't updated my site in awhile, I apologize. we just played a gig the other night and have some fantastic videos That I will chop up and post soon.

Keep up the great work everyone, all your pages look awesome and I love it.

I am room4



nice digits, that aside
got banner?
added, cheers for including my chinesium cat banner in the small subset of the webring you did add
>Most of what I work in is Python and C++ which, as you may already know, aren't at all front-end languages.
you should be able to get where you want with just plain html and css, then do whatever you're comfortable with if you need any backend. these sites dont have to withstand modern webdev autism plain html and css is just fine



will reply when I've got it within an uncertain amount of time, waiting for seizure meds to work better so I can think clearly enough to create a banner worthy of my standards myself (not sure why im oversharing)



File: 1662405489885-0.png (352.46 KB, 1763x944, 1763:944, Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-09….png) ImgOps iqdb

you were right, I rolled back and worked from there. also got some updates and removed dead services



i have a severe malfunction forgive me



I talked to you via email a few years ago. You pestered me about setting up PGP (which I did) then you went dark for a while.



I'm self-hosting and the price of electricity is fuarrrking killing me. Had to shut off my 4u dual cpu server for a few months to not end up in the fuarrrking street.



Nice site! I like the video you made and put on your blog. How did you make the TV border appear around it when full-screened in browser? That's a cool effect.



looks like it's this. sasuga lainon, this is really clever.
.monitor {
border-left: 75px solid;
border-right: 75px solid;
border-top: 104px solid;
border-bottom: 80px solid;
border-image: url("../videos/images/trinitron.gif");
border-image-slice: 265 199 205 199;
outline: none;



nice, banners devisable by 3 again. I like the schizo scroll aesthetic of the site



this is quite possibly the best thing you could say about it, i appreciate that my efforts are not squandered



File: 1662530139464-0.png (16.01 KB, 240x60, 4:1, grafo_banner240x60.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hi Lains, after a while I updated my website and also got a new domain (it used to be so here it is the new banner and all that.




This is site is absolute mental illness and I love it.



File: 1662579719275-0.png (1.27 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, pregrat.png) ImgOps iqdb

Skaven's blessing, my friend. I will retain a proper tinge of schiziness.



Yup that's it fren! I might have to reduce the size of the file because it loads slow on slower connections. I spent some time trying to figure something out and recalled using border effects in GTK themes. I plan to make use of it in the future!



I fiddled with it a little. Converting it to PNG and running it through a lossless compression got it down to 314K, a lossless webp with max compression got down to 299K (though I'm sure using webp would piss someone off despite 97% of all users being able to see them).
One potential way to make it lighter is to reduce its dimensions so that the inner border is about 800x600 or so to match the video, but that might make full-screen viewing less nice.
I wouldn't worry too much about the border image being too big since video files are much bigger in size, though.



>>58746 (OP)

Hello everyone,

I would like to be added to the webring.

I've been a blogger for many years pushing the WP CMS and have reworked many of the hooks and plugins to never reach out to 3rd party assets due to the hell it creates. I believe in self-hosting my own site to take back my data and want to join a group of others who believe in that ideology.

I only came across your webring over the past month via the recommendation of another website within your rings. Before posting, I have taken the liberty of replicating all links before asking permission to join.

I do not have an RSS. Purposefully disabled in the WP CMS due to security issues. However, it was stated to be an optional prerequisite.

Per protocol, I have attached my banner. my addresses are as follows:

Tor V3: http://xjfbpuj56rdazx4iolylxplbvyft2onuerjeimlcqwaihp3s6r4xebqd.onion

I thank you for your consideration in joining the webring.

Server protect you.

- S



File: 1662713055054-0.png (24.66 KB, 240x60, 4:1, trrb-banner.png) ImgOps iqdb



I liked the old gif banner but sure, updated

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