My Instances

LibreY: My instance of librey, a framework and javascript free privacy respecting meta search engine (fork of librex)

Libreddit: My instance of libreddit, an open-source reddit fronted

My Projects

dotfiles: a repo of dotfiles for my Arch Linux

guestbook: a really basic and kinda scuffed guestbook for you to implement on your own website

unique-visitor-counter: an ip based daily unique visitor counter written in php. Also privacy friendly as it only logs ip hashes and not actual ips.

Cool Sites just a silly lil site my friend made online database of Japanese folklore

lainchan: cyberpunk imageboard inspired by the anime Serial Experiments Lain

lainzine: Lain magazine

Cameron's World: crazy and awesome old interet design

n-o-d-e: blog, zine and youtube channel about small, hackery, nerdy, diy electronics

cyberpunked: cyberpunk link list

winworldpc: an online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of vintage, abandoned, and pre-release software

Tools & Programs

LibreWolf: Firefox fork focused on privacy, security and freedom

LibreX: Framework and javascript free privacy respecting meta search engine

SearXNG: a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

Invidious: open-source youtube frontend

Nitter: open-source twitter frontend

Libreddit: open-source reddit fronted

ProxiTok: open-source TikTok fronted

Text>ASCII: text to ASCII art generator

Pixel Me: tool to generate pixel art

ezgif: extremely useful gif, video and image editor

ffmpeg-commander: handy ffmpeg command generator

scriptarchive: an archive of CGI scripts for retro websites

redact: program that allows you to automatically clean up your old posts fonts: the world's biggest collection of retro fonts a search engine that aggregates private information from multiple leaked databases

Guides & Info

/g/'s Good Sites: a list of sitest /g/ likes and finds useful (personal mirror) privacy Tools Guide

Prism-Break: list of free and open source programs

Droid-Break: list of free and open source Android apps

awesome-selfhosted: list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own server

Securing Linux Server: an evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server

spyware: a website that classifies spyware programs